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The Truth Why Your Partner Has Fallen In Love With You


Yesterday, I was doing laundry and I thought of you. I always think of you whenever I do ordinary chores, so I guess you are on my mind every time. I always think of you when someone good or bad happens.

We always think of the people we love. It’s natural. We fall in love with good people who are gifted, ambitious, beautiful, and full of potential.

However, sometimes we miss another important aspect – that we are truly gifted, beautiful, smart, and capable people too.

We are also loving, kind, and loyal human beings. But too often we forget about our own values and we become preoccupied only with our partner’s amazing qualities.

Well, your partner fell in love with your exceptional and amazing qualities as well. And what’s more special about you is that you are not even aware of it. That’s why your partner fell in love with you. They saw the beauty of your honest soul. You were not pretending to be someone you are not. You were not pretentious and egotistical.

That’s amazing. That’s what makes someone special and worthy of love.

Let’s all take a moment and appreciate ourselves. Let’s appreciate our successes, our capabilities, our gentleness, our kind, and loving hearts.

And next time, you start wondering why your partner has fallen in love with you, stop and remember your worth.

Mary Wright