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A Letter To The Girl Who Gave Her Love To Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Her


It hurts when you realize that the person you love doesn’t treat you the same way that you treat them. Although it may take a while to see it, that realization eventually comes down on you like a ton of bricks. It’s one of the most heartbreaking things that a woman can go through in her life.

I truly wish that this hadn’t happened to you and I am so sorry that you’ve gone through it. This is a letter to the girl who gave her love to someone who didn’t deserve her.

You’re Not an Idiot

Other people can be pretty quick to judge. They see the situation that you’re in and immediately think that they understand it well enough to tell you what you should have done. What’s worse is that they make it so clear that they think you’re a fool for falling for someone like that.

Please, don’t listen to their cruel words. It’s not that you chose someone because you believed that they were unworthy of you love. All you saw was someone with a beautiful soul that you wanted to care for and nurture. Despite what others may say about it, you weren’t being stupid, you were just in love.

They say that the heart wants what the heart wants. You fell in love with someone despite their flaws and that is not your mistake, all you did was follow your heart. If loving someone was stupid then we’d all be fools.

You’re So Brave

Right now, you probably feel like a weak idiot for not leaving your partner sooner. More than likely, you feel like you’ve been too cowardly to say goodbye to the person who’s been hurting you through their apathy. Although you may believe that, trust me when I say that you are so strong.

It takes courage to give your heart to someone, no matter who they are or how much they may love you back. Accepting that person with open arms even when you worry that they’ll grow tired of you is an act of pure bravery. Although it would be easier to give up and walk away, you stayed strong every day and kept fighting for your relationship.

You had the courage to love them more than they loved you. Through thick and thin you stood by them, even when you felt like it was all pointless. Along with all of that, you kept giving, even though you weren’t receiving much in return. Those are not the acts of someone who is weak.

Although it may hurt now, it won’t always. Even if you wished it would last forever, you know deep in your heart that that relationship needed to end. Take this as a lesson to show you what you deserve in the future. More importantly, keeps your spark and your optimism that allows you to love so deeply.

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Eva Jackson