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This Is What A Loyal, Loving And Devoted Man Looks Like


Some would say that they don’t exist. That they are basically extinct. Luckily, I will always be here to prove those people wrong and let them know what a loyal, loving and a devoted partner really means. He found me when I least expected it. But he came into my life in perfectly good time.

So, this is what a loyal, loving and devoted man looks like…

A loyal man does everything in his power to let you know just how much he loves you. He never leaves you wondering what his intentions are. He never lets you go to sleep worried or sad. He never makes you question his love for you. He expresses his emotions and he loves from the very bottom of his heart.

A loyal man cares about your soul more than he cares about your body. He values you for who you truly are. Your intelligence, your wittiness, your real personality, your sense of humor and your bravery. But most importantly, for your differences. He knows that intimacy has nothing to do with taking your clothes off, but with undressing your soul and showing your vulnerability in front of another human being.

A loyal man does not flirt with random strangers just because he enjoys their attention. He does not keep his dating apps “just in case”. He does not call his ex-girlfriend for a coffee date. He simply does not maintain contact with his exes. And he does not answer suspicious calls in the middle of the night. Because, a loyal, loving and a devoted man is not interested in anyone else but yourself.

A loyal man shows you off to the world because he is proud to be your partner. He wants everyone to know that you two are a couple. Because you clearly mean to him. He introduces you to his close friends. He takes you to dinner with his parents. He asks for your opinion and he appreciates your advice. A loyal man includes you in every segment of his life.

A loyal man doesn’t hide secrets from you. He is not afraid to let you dive deep inside his soul and reveal the darkest pits of his being. He is not afraid to show you his fragile sides. He is not afraid to tell you that he’s sinned. He is an open book because he knows that true love means accepting each other regardless of our messy lives, painful pasts, unforgettable traumas and heavy emotional loads.

A loyal man is a person you can put your trust in. Someone who is always honest to you. A man who does not try to ignore uncomfortable questions by pretending like he didn’t hear you. A man who respects you and love you with all of his heart and shares his whole life with you. A loyal, loving and a devoted man is someone who lets you see every part of him. Someone who always tells you the truth, even when it is too hard to listen to it.

More importantly, a loyal man is someone who sticks through thick and thin with you. A partner in crime. A faithful companion. A loving confidant. A soulmate. A forever person.

Stephanie Reeds