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20 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand


1. Having a weekend with no responsibilities, no plans, and nowhere you should be, is your definition for the best weekend.

2. A good book, your favorite playlist, or watching your favorite TV show can make you happier than a night out in a club.

3. Planning a solo trip is one of the most exciting things for you in the whole world because there’s no better feeling than being able to discover new things and places while enjoying your own company and doing whatever you want.

4. Going out to restaurants alone is one of your greatest pleasures. Because, why disturb your enjoyment of the delicious food with some random talking?

5. Your best idea for a vacation is isolating yourself in a remote cabin in the middle of the woods.

6. Your potential lover could be anything but ‘clingy’. It’s essential for you to have your space to breathe. And if someone needs to constantly be around you then that’s a deal breaker for you.

7. And even if you are in a relationship, you always find time to be alone, recharge your batteries, and keep your sanity.

8. If you ask someone to describe you, one of the words they would use would be – independent.

9. While there are people around you who hate their single status and all they look for is a relationship, you feel happy and at peace with your aloneness because you have so much time for yourself.

10. Your gut feeling is always on point because you spend a great amount of time reflecting and going inwards in order to get in touch with yourself and your true core.

11. You are one creative and artsy soul and you always have some project that you are working on.

12. You prefer seeing people one on one or in small groups because you enjoy having intimate and deep conversations over shallow ones in crowded places.

13. Having a day by yourself makes you feel so ‘you’ like nothing else.

14. You like to observe and study people’s behavior. And people adore you and think of you as someone charming and fun to be around which is quite ironic considering the fact you prefer spending time alone.

15. You feel calm during rainy and cold days because they are a great addition to your hibernation in your home while you read, write, or curl up by the fire.

16. You always tend to think and ponder about life’s big questions and wonders.

17. You prefer going hiking or to the beach alone because your definition of relaxation doesn’t involve other people.

18. Because you enjoy being on your own, whenever you are around people you are more attentive and a better listener.

19. You feel happy when someone calls you and cancels your date. In your head, you think, “Awesome. More time for me.”

20. And finally, while it’s great to drink wine with your friends, it’s even greater to have the whole bottle for yourself, right?

Mary Wright