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The Most Common Reason Why Most Women Tend To Leave The Men They Truly Love


I am not a marriage counselor, and I am not a therapist. But I have many friends in my life who have experienced the worst of life. People who have been through some ugly relationship, people who have been stuck with toxic partners, and lastly people who have been neglected by the ones they loved the most.

And honestly, I believe that everything I’ve learned by now is because of them. Everything I know is just a part of the lessons I learned alongside them.

The most important and terrifying fact I’ve learned through these years? Women leave their partners. They leave the ones they love.

You know why?

Because most men out there take their partners for granted. It is true.

Most of these women in my life struggled a very long time before they finally made that decision. One has children. Few of them were happily married. Or so they thought.

And most of them decided to end long-term relationships for the same reason. Neglect. Lack of communication and mutual understanding. Lack of compromises. Frigidness. Indifference. Lack of compassion.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of these men were really good people. They were good fathers. Good friends. Good colleagues. But, when it came to love, they simply weren’t present. They failed.  

That is why, this goes out to all the men out there.

I am not trying to put you down or attack the male sex. I’m not trying to say that “All men are the same”. God, no. Far from that.

What I want is to let you know what our reality is. I want to open your eyes, let you dive inside this world and learn something. I want you to see what real love and commitment really is. I want you to try and understand why most people are like this. And then, I want you to give your best and show your person just how much you love them.

She only wants to be with you. She wants to feel your passion for life. She wants to see the real you. Spend more time with you. She wants to feel that energy inside of you. The thing that keeps you going. The thing that drives you. Do you have it in you? If not, when did you lost it?

She only wants to be heard. Noticed by you. She wants you to hear her innermost thoughts and feel her heart beating. Because it is beating for you. Look into her eyes. Only know, I dare you to look deeper. Let your eyes meet. Perceive her. Notice the way she talks.

Notice the look on their face. Those heavy, sad eyes. That glistening smile that hides a lot of repressed emotions underneath the cool exterior. Help her open her heart and let her know that you are there.

She wants to rely on you. She wants to be touched with your full undivided attention and your genuine affection. She fell in love with a person who was willing to do everything for her. So, why are you taking that away from you? You simply cannot be that busy. You cannot allow yourself to be that busy.

You think you don’t have the time.  But, in reality, it’s your priorities that have changed. Not your free time.

What if you spare an hour to commit to her?

I’ll tell you what. It will completely change your life from your core. You will see that real effort is made only when we want. You will understand how important all of this is. You’ll realize why the people we love should never be taken for granted. Finally, you fall in love with her once more.

So, tell me, will you do it?  

Stephanie Reeds