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This Is How You Love A Woman Who Has Been To Hell And Back


This woman has been to hell, but she has survived. She has been hurt and wounded, but she has found a way to rise above that pain. So, you can only imagine how self-guarded and careful she is now.

Many people have tried loving her in their own way. Yet, most of them have failed. Terribly.

So, know this. It will require much more strength and willingness than you probably possess. It will require a lot of patience, tolerance and even more so resilience from your side. It will require making sacrifices and taking risks.

For this woman will not open the gates to her heart straight away. She will not give you the key to her soul when you expect it. She will push you away. She will test you. She will try to discover your real intentions. You will struggle to get to know her for who she really is because she won’t let you inside her world that easily. She will first demand to see what you are made of and what is your heart capable of doing for the ones you love.

A woman who has been through hell and made it out in one piece will always be a walking contradiction, a puzzle that even she can’t understand. She will live in fear of being broken and shattered all over again. But, then again, she will always fear getting too close to someone else and losing herself once again. She will crave your gentle, loving touch and your reassurance, but she will always need her solitude and her independence to reconnect with her inner self.

A woman who has suffered through many painful, soul-shattering experiences in life will always love you with caution. She will always have one foot out of the door. She will need a lot of time and lot of effort to finally make that step and enter the room. For this woman finds it hard to understand an unconditional love – one that is felt purely and shared openly. She has never been loved the way she deserved. That is why she won’t let herself fall in love with you that easily. For, she cannot risk being broken once again.

All you need to know is that this woman will be a challenge. She won’t be easy to love. She won’t be easy to tame. And it won’t be easy to make her trust you completely.

So, if you truly care about her, do your best to show her that and you fight for her love regardless of the obstacles that she’s putting in your way.

When she’s the sun that shines the brightest, love her.

When she’s the heaviest and most ferocious hailstorm, love her even harder.

When she reaches out for you, shelter her.

When she wants to be left alone and pushes you away, take care of her.

When her emotions intensify and she’s feeling too much, hold her hand.

When she wants to give up on everything, show her that she’s stronger than that.

Love her when she’s the hardest to love with the same intensity that you love her when she’s not. Love her regardless of her attempts to push you away. Love her with every fiber of your soul and show her what your vulnerable, loving heart would do for her.

Stephanie Reeds