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This Is How To Say Goodbye To Your ‘Forever’ Person


Your ‘forever’ person is the person who you thought you would never have to say goodbye to. Your soulmate. Your partner in crime. The one who made you believe in real love. The one who feels like home to you.

They are someone who awakens feelings within us that we never felt before. They are the person who encourages and motivate us. Our ultimate ride-or-die partner. The one that we picture being by our side 50 years down the road. The love of our life.

Our forever person. The one who is not supposed to go anywhere but to stay with us through thick and thin.  

However, life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes the person who we wish would be forever with us is the one who we have to let go, and this happens often for reasons that are outside of our control.

So, what do you do when you are forced to separate from your forever person? How can you say goodbye to them? How do you put an end to forever?

You begin with accepting their significance and the part they played in your life. You understand that once they were the most important person to you – they have given your life a meaning. They have given you unconditional love. They were ‘the one.’ They belonged to you and you belonged to them.

Now, you accept the cruel reality that the two of you just cannot make it to the finish line. Maybe the timing is wrong. Whatever the reason, you need to leave each other because being together seems to be more painful than letting go. And it is not that the love is not there. You can still love each other deeply but got to a point when you have to say goodbye.

Be thankful. Remember that some people spend their lives never experiencing that feeling of meeting their ‘forever’ person and being with them.

They never experience that deep soul connection. The recognition of two hearts who beat the same. The true intimacy which happens when two people share deep passion and love for each other.

Therefore, when you have to let go of your forever person – do it graciously and calmly. Do it with understanding and gratitude. Do it with love and compassion.

Because the truth is, your only forever person that is guaranteed to stay forever is – you.

You are the one who will be there for you through everything. You need to pick yourself up every time you are going through painful endings and separation. You need to keep yourself moving forward when everything is falling apart.

So, take care of yourself. Love yourself. Recognize your qualities and nourish your beautiful soul. And always, always be proud of you.

Be proud of the wonderful and strong person that you are. Be proud of your ability to love someone so much. To recognize someone as your forever person. Some people haven’t got that capacity.

You are a rare gem in a world of superficial pleasures and you need to be able to see the amazing and loving person that you are.

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Mary Wright