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 It Takes A Real Man To Truly Love And Support A Powerful Alpha Woman


I know my worth. I appreciate my time. I enjoy and live my freedom. I laugh hard. I run wild. I work hard for the things I love. I know exactly what I deserve and what I fought for. I’m strong, bold and sometimes rude. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of loving.

I may be fearless and daring, but when it comes to love, I have a big heart and a fragile soul.

So, please if your intention is to play with me, you better stop before you make the wrong move and end up regretting your last decision.

I am a woman who believes in love, but will never be afraid to say NO when something doesn’t feel right. I’m not scared of being alone. I never was. I don’t have a problem to cut you off the second I feel that your intentions are dark and shady.

So, if you’re not ready to be challenged and embrace my wild side, don’t date me. Don’t even try to make me change my mind. Because I will always stand my ground. Whatever happens, my value system will always be my priority.

I once heard someone say that “Alpha ladies are the fearless warriors who give our world a hope. A hope for a better and equal future for the rest of the female population.”

I can honestly say that it’s a great pleasure to realize that I somehow managed to serve as an example, a motivation or an inspiration for any kind of growth and prosperity for some people.

Because I truly fight for the things I believe in.

That’s why, when it comes to love, I will never settle for anything ordinary. I will never settle for someone who takes me for granted. I will never accept to be with an emotionally unavailable man. I will never settle for just ‘comfortable.’

I want passion, fireworks. I want commitment. But, most importantly I want freedom.

I want my freedom.

And I want someone who will have no problem accepting the fact that I have my personal space. Someone who will accept my emotions, respect my work, and inspire me to grow even higher.

I want someone who won’t be intimidated by my courage and vigor for life.

Not a manipulative person who believes that there are plenty of fish in the sea. And certainly not someone who won’t be able to handle my pure emotions and strong personality.

That’s why, it takes a real man to support, love and cherish a powerful alpha lady.

These amazing, unicorn creatures are among the rarest species in the universe. It’s truly sad how most men would never allow their woman to be an equal partner in the relationship. It’s really sad how most people have the need to show superiority and dominance over their partner.

I personally feel sorry for these human beings. Mostly because they are still asleep. They are simply terrified to open the eyes to the truth and embrace a different kind of reality.

So, this goes to the man who desperately tries to trick me into a shallow relationship.

Don’t date me if you’re not ready for love. Don’t date me if don’t intend to show me what’s really there. Don’t look for me if this is a one-time thing.

Don’t look for me if you are emotionally immature and too damn scared to be with a woman whose balls might be bigger than yours. Don’t date me if you can’t be honest with me. Don’t date me if I am your rebound chick.

I will never settle for anything less than romance, pure, raw emotions, and all-consuming, enchanting, can’t-live-without-each other love.

If you are not ready to devote to a strong woman’s heart, just let me go and leave me be.

The right man will recognize me and appreciate me for what I really am.

Image: Neelesh Mishra

Stephanie Reeds