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The Dutch Prime Minister – A Cycling Legend For Life


If you’re used to seeing government officials traveling in expensive, bulletproof cars accompanied by a bunch of bodyguards, then what happened in the Netherlands will most probably come as a shock to you. It appears that when it comes to the choice of transportation, things are a little bit different there.

Namely, the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, who has led the Netherlands since 2010, rode on his bike to the palace of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander for a meeting to inform him about the formation of the new government. He parked in front of the palace and even made sure he locked his bike up despite the heavy security.

The photos of him cycling and locking his bicycle upon arrival have gone viral on the internet.

It’s not a secret that bicycle, as one of the most eco-friendly and healthiest means of transport, has been popular amongst the Dutch for years. And what the Dutch prime minister did is not only a sign of humility, but it also shows that he’s concerned about the air pollution which is becoming a real environmental and political issue in the Netherlands.

What he did is truly inspiring and hopefully, it’ll serve as an example to others to use this type of transport and help protect and preserve the environment. Of course, not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the whole world.

Source: Robert Gaal 

Riley Cooper