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This Goes To The Person Who Will One Day Fall In Love With Me


Hello there.

We don’t know each other yet, but one day we will meet. Maybe you will be the one that will cross my path without knowing that the person you’ve just passed by will be the greatest love of your life. Or who knows, maybe one day, I will find you and realize that you were the only person that I’ve been waiting for.

I can’t help but wonder how our first encounter will be. Maybe I will meet you on that bench in my favorite park. Maybe I will bump into you on my way to work in the most romantic way possible. Maybe I will unknowingly come to your gig and love your performance. Maybe you will serve me my favorite drink. Maybe your dog will chase after my cat you will come running to save us.

We will never know that until it happens. All I know for sure is that out of seven billion people in this world, you will choose me. And, for some reason (that we have yet to discover) I will choose you. I will say yes to loving you unconditionally. And you will say yes to spending your whole life by my side.

That is why I wish to introduce myself. I want to let you know that there are parts of me that you won’t be able to understand. Heck, there are parts of me that not even I understand. These parts of me have been with me my entire life and the only thing that you would have to do is accept them. That is, if you truly love me, of course.

I want you to know that my heart is ready for you, but it has already been wounded. It has been broken to pieces and brought back to life again. So, don’t be surprised when you reveal my sharp edges. They are the only protection that I’ve got through these years. What I will need from you are patience and tolerance.

I want you to know that it won’t be quite easy to love me because I’ve been through many ‘loves’ before. Each and every one of them was a huge disappointment. Each and every one of them was a reason for me to stop believing in a happy ending. Yet, here I am visualizing how amazing it would be when we finally meet each other.

There will be moments when my insecurity transforms me into an irrational person. There will be moments when I say things that I don’t mean. There will be moments when my anxiety takes control of me. In those moments, you will feel lost. You will feel powerless. But, just like every other storm, this will pass. And if we are willing to make it out alive, we will hold each other’s hand and walk out of it even stronger.

So, know that I will wait for you. Whoever you are. I will wait for the person who will see me for who I am. I will wait for the one who will know the ways of my heart. I will wait for the one who will enjoy my presence. I will wait for the one who will kiss me softly and passionately, just the way I deserve. I will wait for the one who won’t be afraid to meet the demons and find a way to calm them. I will wait for the one who will be brave enough to face my fears, insecurities, flaws, dark sides and love me regardless of how imperfect I am.

Here’s to you. I know that you are out there somewhere wondering about the same. And I know that you feel restless, but what is destined will come true at the end. You have to know that. If you and I are meant to end up together, life will find a way to make that bridge between us.

Until then… all that is left are dreams.

Stephanie Reeds