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If You Aren’t Satisfied With Your Life, Stop Complaining About It And Make A Change


If you aren’t satisfied with your life – don’t complain about it. Instead, take action and make a change.

People who are happy with their life feel that way since anything other than genuine happiness they find unacceptable. These people weren’t afraid to work hard and make sacrifices until they reached the level of fulfillment and happiness they were heading for.

Therefore, instead of publishing “F**k your life” statuses on your Facebook profile, find the courage to leave your comfort zone. Identify what you truly want in life, prepare a plan to get that, and don’t stop working hard until you accomplish your desired goal.

Your happiness depends solely on yourself – always remember that!

I know it feels frightening to step out of your comfort zone than venture into the unknown. I know it’s easier to settle for the people and things you think are safe and acceptable than search for new ones.

But this is the wrong way to go through life.

Because when you’re settling for less than what you deserve and when you decide to stay in places you’re familiar with and where you feel comfortable and safe, you destroy your happiness. You hinder your growth. You settle for mediocrity. You lose your sense of purpose.

Therefore, if you aren’t satisfied with your life, stop complaining about it. Take action and make a change instead.

If you aren’t satisfied with what you do for a living, stop doing it. If you feel like your job is suffocating you, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut every time you enter your office, if you feel like you aren’t learning, growing, and being productive anymore, get out of there.

Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but trust me – staying at your current job won’t make you feel better about yourself and it certainly won’t make your life happier and more fulfilling.

You can’t lead a meaningful and successful life if you’re constantly depriving yourself of opportunities to learn new things, visit new places, and gain new experiences. You can’t lead a happy and successful life if you’re not allowing yourself to change, grow, and improve in every aspect of your life.

If you aren’t satisfied with your relationships, both romantic and otherwise, don’t stay in them – leave them. If you feel that some people are sucking the energy out of you, hindering your growth, and just standing in the way to your happiness and success, let go of them.

And know – letting go of them doesn’t mean that you are completely removing them from your life or that you are forgetting them for good – it only means that you’re finally moving on with your life. It means that you’ll no longer allow anyone to affect you negatively and suck the life out of you.

If you aren’t satisfied with your romantic relationship – put an end to it. Relationships are supposed to make your life happier and more exciting than it already is. They’re supposed to bring out the best in you and let you grow. They’re not supposed to bring disappointment and pain into your life.

Therefore, if you’re with someone who destroys your happiness, makes you feel weak, and undermines your worth – leave them. The person who can’t or doesn’t want to see your worth doesn’t deserve a place in your life. The person who takes you for granted, who doesn’t reciprocate your love, and who couldn’t care less whether they’ll hurt you or not doesn’t deserve a place in your heart.

If you aren’t satisfied with your city, leave it. Don’t make the mistake of staying in the place where you’ve spent all your life just because you feel secure living there and because everything is familiar to you. Yes, familiarity is fine but not at the cost of your own happiness.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to search for your happiness elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to seek a place that will feel like home to you.

If you aren’t satisfied with where you’re in life now – change the direction. Whether it’s your school, job, or love life – if it brings you more worries, dissatisfaction, and sadness than peace, pleasure, and happiness, then start chasing another direction in your life. Don’t waste time and energy on something that you’re not passionate about and that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled.

Don’t waste your life on something that steals your happiness and drains your energy. Don’t limit yourself, but develop yourself and make an effort to fulfill your true potential.

If you aren’t satisfied with the way you look at life – get a new perspective. Stop doubting your feelings, abilities, qualities, skills, and decisions. Stop ignoring what your intuition tells you. Stop doubting that you’ll make your life happier and more fulfilling and successful.

Stop thinking about your past mistakes, failed relationships, losses, and pains.  Stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Don’t let the burden of your past and your worries about your future direct the course of your life and shape your happiness. Instead, learn to live and enjoy your life right here, right now.

Riley Cooper