things didn't work out between us meaning

A woman can love you vigorously and like everything about you but if you do any of below things it can get in the way in having her by your side forever and destroy a good potential relationship. A few things really agitate single attractive women. Here are the big deal killers that women hate. (1)

1. Men usually do not care how they look, what they wear. If they need to go outside to run errands they get up and leave the house in the same clothes that may not be proper like shorts with sleepers. Women like clean men with nice haircut, proper dress and shoes. And if you wear a classy Rado or Orient watch that will kill it. Women hate seeing man in white socks, wearing silver chain, sweatpants, belt with awkward buckles, and crooks.

2. Spitting, women extremely hate this behavior. Men spit anywhere on the road, footpath or beside bench.

3. Insult another woman’s appearance or personality and then following it with a compliment towards me. That’s trash behavior.

4. All of me like to shape our bodies and join some clubs for workouts. The most common things men do in the gym which women hate is not wiping sweat off equipment, dropping weights, getting in the way of others and wearing inappropriate gym wear.

5. Starring at other women whether they are walking down the road or are in a shopping mall. Starring is impolite, stop it.

6. Men who dominate women. It is very nice to be and noble to look and protect your women and make her feel safe however many men over do it and women feels like she is being controlled for even the tiny things in her life. So, do not over dominate your women.

7. Excessive use of swearing when man talk to women. Women do not appreciate if every third or fourth sentence is escorted by a swear. Women stop believing man and taking him seriously who use swear a lot.

8. Men who argue with women are not appreciated. This is something you should avoid. Women is going to win anyway. Do not do your best to convert every conversation into a discussion especially heated one.

9. Men who do not listen. Men are often accused of not paying attention and listen before they speak or do something. Listen to the women very carefully before you act.

10. Men who give more attention to women’s friends than herself. She might also go on and accuse you of flirting. You need to maintain balance and be extra likeable but not too much.

11. Men who play video games all the time. It is very entertaining killing virtual monsters and saving the planet but during that time you have ignored your women. She most likely wants to spend time with you, go out or talk about important issue so set a time for gaming and give proper time to your women.

12. Lastly the most important on the list is the men who are not able to communicate their feelings. Talking about feelings is the core of every successful relationship. Having feelings inside you and not communicating is not always the best course, you should be able to talk to your partner no matter how bad things are. (2)

David Smith