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10 Things All Alpha Women Do Differently From Other Women


Alpha woman – it sounds powerful, right? Well, it’s, without doubt, the word which best describes the kind of woman that’s tough, smart, independent, and resilient. Alpha women are confident, resourceful, and ambitious.

They’re not afraid to speak their mind and stand up for themselves. Because they don’t tolerate injustice. They don’t tolerate prejudices. They don’t tolerate immature, selfish, and manipulative people. They don’t tolerate lies and negativity.

Alpha women make the world a better place to live in. Because they’re warriors. They’re unique.

Here are 10 things that all strong, smart, and fearless women do differently from other women:

1. They’re confident.

Yes, they have flaws like everyone else, but alpha women are not ashamed of them. They’re aware of their weaknesses and imperfections and they embrace them. They are confident with who they are and they never try to change themselves so as to meet the expectations and needs of other people. They’re perfectly comfortable in their own skin.

2. They don’t base their happiness and worth on their relationship status.

These women feel happy and fulfilled on their own. They don’t need to be in a relationship so as to feel complete. They don’t perceive love as something that should make them feel better about themselves and more satisfied with their life. Yet, they’re always open for genuine love, and if this kind of love ever finds them, they’ll embrace it without hesitation.

3. They live a life that they enjoy.

Regardless of their age or relationship or social status, these badass women are fully committed to creating and living a life that they enjoy. They make sure they use every chance life offers them to gain new experiences. They take pleasure in simple things. They live in the moment and try to make their life worthwhile in every way that they can.

4. They’re not afraid to make the first move.

If you think that an alpha woman will sit around patiently, do nothing, and just wait for things to magically fall from the sky, oh, dear, you’re terribly wrong. These tough, confident, assertive, and fearless ladies are the ones that always make the first move. If they want to achieve a goal – they don’t wait for someone else to achieve it for them. Instead, they take action themselves.

5. They have clear, strict boundaries.

Tough, smart, and fearless women have strict boundaries and they don’t allow anyone to violate them. They don’t let anyone disrespect their time, body, dignity, and beliefs. They live their life in accordance with their own principles and values and they don’t let anyone tell them to behave otherwise.

6. They learn from their past.

Alpha women don’t ignore or try to run away from their past. Instead, they fully embrace it. They learn from their past mistakes, failures, losses, and pains and they use that knowledge to find ways to better themselves and improve their lives in the present.

7. They never play the victim role.

An alpha woman knows exactly who she is and where she stands in life. She’s perfectly aware of her feelings, weaknesses, and wounds. She’s put a lot of effort into consistently investing in herself so as to become the person she’s today. Therefore, she’d never allow anyone to put her in a certain position where she’d have to be the victim.

8. They hate drama.

And it’s no wonder because these fierce ladies have genuine emotion inside their hearts. Drama is simply not their cup of tea.

9. They are not afraid to leave.

When a friend, a family member, or a partner is hurting them or bothering them in any way whatsoever, an alpha woman doesn’t think twice about leaving them. They’d rather be alone in this world than accept to be around immature, fickle, selfish, inconsiderate people.

10. They always show their true self.

At home, in the workplace, and in their relationships, both romantic and otherwise, alpha women are always themselves. They never pretend to be someone they’re not. They always openly express their feelings, opinions, likes, and dislikes. And if someone doesn’t know how to handle their openness, individuality, and uniqueness, well, that’s their own problem.

Riley Cooper