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These Are The True Meanings Behind A Narcissist’s Deceitful Words


It’s no secret that narcissists are highly manipulative. Although they don’t deserve to be called “geniuses,” it’s true when it comes to their ability to control others. They know exactly what they need to do and say to make others bend to their will. That power alone makes them extremely dangerous.

Language is the main weapon in their arsenal. Most of the time, what they say and what they mean don’t add up. Now, however, I’m going to be revealing to you what they’re really trying to say. These are the true meanings behind a narcissist’s deceitful words.

“I’ll Change”

A lot of people tend to confuse sociopaths and narcissists. However, the difference between them is that people with narcissistic personality disorder do have the capacity to feel empathy. Despite that though, they’re often unable to see their own flaws. Therefore, it’s hard for them to accept when they’ve hurt others because they truly believe that they’re flawless.

On occasion, a narcissist may offer you a sincere apology. Along with that, they may even tell you that they’ll change their behavior and never make the same mistake again. However, it’s probably safer not to take their word for it. They already believe that they’re perfect, so why would they change? What they’re really doing is allowing you to win one battle, but they will still continue to be exactly who they were before.

“I’m the Victim Here”

Arguing with these kinds of people is beyond difficult. They can be stubborn, immature, and will use a wealth of manipulation tactics to get their own way. Likewise, they won’t take responsibility for themselves. One of the main ways that they avoid that is by throwing the blame onto you.

They may say that you’re the one attacking them, that you’re being irrational, or that you’re the reason why they did something awful. Similarly, they could even bring up something that you’ve done in the past. Whatever way they throw you under the bus, they’re simply trying to make themselves seem like the victim. That way, they can gain your sympathy and come out as the victor every time.

“You’re Perfect”

Not every one of their qualities is bad. On the contrary, narcissists are amazingly charming and can often be very sweet and kind. However, that side of them is only a tactic that they use. At the beginning of a relationship, they’ll be as complimentary as possible so that they can reel you in.

They do this because they want you to feel special. They want you to believe that they think that you’re the most amazing person that they’ve ever met. By doing that, they gain your trust and make you believe that they have your best intentions at heart. Then, when they begin hurting and using you, you’ll look past all their bad behaviors.

“I Can’t Believe You Would…”

Although they may be charming in the beginning, that can change in the blink of an eye. Once they’ve lured you in, they quickly begin to manipulate you in other, more hurtful, ways. They may use any technique from gaslighting to projection to control you. However, one of the most efficient methods that these people often use is shaming.

Using shame against you allows them to destroy your self-confidence. As a result, you stop trusting yourself and instead begin to rely on them for everything. To achieve that they may claim that things that you’ve done are awful, embarrassing, or wrong. Likewise, they may also simply tell you that “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

When a narcissist says one thing, they usually mean something completely different. Trying to move through the minefield that is living with them can be especially tricky because of it. Therefore, it’s crucial that you begin to understand the truth behind their words. It may be hard at first, but it’s completely necessary.

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Eva Jackson