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The Woman Who Is Always Smiling Hides An Immense Pain Inside Her


No person is immune to heartache, to misfortune, to pain. But the woman who is smiling through her tears and hurt, the woman who doesn’t show the suffering on her face, is something precious.

She is special because she has a brave heart. She is strong and resilient but also kind, loving, and vulnerable.

This woman has gone through more hardships and pain than you’ll ever know. She has faced and is facing more darkness that she wants to admit. But, she is always proudly wearing her smile, because she knows that after the darkness always comes the light.

She’s had her heart shattered and destroyed many times, yet she doesn’t give up on love. She has faith that each situation is different and unique, so she doesn’t close her heart out of fear for being hurt again. She knows that in life, there are no guarantees for anything, but she is willing to be open for the most sacred emotion – love.

She was let down and betrayed by people who she loved the most. People who she allowed into her life and confided all her secrets to them, only to be betrayed by them.

She is a woman who said ‘goodbye’ many times and closed the door on many people who hurt her. But, after every heartbreak, there was a healing process. She healed herself many times and shaped herself into this strong and wonderful woman that she is today.

This woman has faced loss way too many times – loss of health, comfort, fortune, loved ones… Yet, there she is – smiling and going through her life as if nothing has happened. Because instead of lamenting the things she’s lost, she is someone who chooses to be grateful for everything she has in life.

She is always in pain. Always hurting. However, she doesn’t complain. She understands that every human being is struggling in one way or another, but the way they choose to face their struggles is what makes all the difference.

And she is not a quitter.

Her positivity is infectious, and her smile has the power to light up the world.  

Mary Wright