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8 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Your Shoes At Home


You’re probably used to wearing your shoes all day long. You put them on when you go out in the morning, walk around in them for hours, then come home and leave them on. Some people only take off their shoes just before they go to bed.

In some places in the world, wearing your outdoor shoes at home is unacceptable. In some places in Asia, it’s even considered disrespectful. To some of us, that may sound crazy, but maybe these cultures have gotten it right. These 8 reasons why you should never wear your shoes at home will help you to decide if you agree or not.

1. They’re Full of Bacteria

You walk around outside in your shoes for hours, treading in dirt from the outdoors, germs, and other unknown substances. It’s no surprise then that your shoes are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. You can be unknowingly bringing a wealth of horrible bacteria into your house, even as bad as E. Coli.

2. You Won’t Have to Clean as Often

As stated before, shoes are filthy. They don’t just track in germs, but dirt as well. They even bring in traces of animal excrement. Instead of bringing in all this dirt into your home, just take your shoes off at the door. Your floors will be cleaner, and you won’t have to wash them as often.

3. They’ll Damage Your Floors

The soles of your shoes are hard and can easily cause damage to your floors. This is especially true for high heels such as stilettos. Wearing any shoes on your carpet can also cause small tears to the fibers which can build up over time.

4. You’ll Never Forget Where You Left Them

Have you ever spent 30 minutes running around the house looking for your left sneaker? I definitely have. Parents will struggle with this even more since kids tend to leave things randomly and forget where they put them. If you leave your shoes at the door when you come in, you’ll always know where they are.

5. They Bring in Toxins

Walking anywhere can have you picking up harmful toxins from the ground. These can be anything from grass fertilizer to anti-freeze on the pavement. With these toxins on your shoes, you’ll end up dragging them into your home, putting your family at risk.

6. They Infest Your Carpet With Toxins

Once you’ve dragged these horrible toxins into your house or apartment from the soles of your shoes, you’ll inevitably walk on a carpet. The materials that carpets are made from can easily hold onto germs and toxins. They’re also a nightmare to clean, and it’s almost impossible to remove all traces of nasty chemicals from them.

7. Your Shoes Will Last Longer

Wear and tear can quickly ruin the quality of your shoes. It makes sense then that wearing your shoes less often will mean keeping them in good condition for longer. Of course, you’ll still have to replace them eventually, but they will last much longer if you don’t wear them inside your home all day.

8. It’s Just Comfier!

Here’s the thing, if you wear your shoes indoors, you can’t put your feet up on the couch whenever you want. If you want to lie down, sit cross-legged on the couch, or hop into bed without warning, you’ll have to take your shoes off first. Just save yourself the trouble and keep them off.

With all these things in mind, why would you ever want to leave your shoes on? Taking them off when you get home after a long day has so many benefits that are just too good to pass up. If you still want to wear something on your feet, get yourself a nice, cozy pair of slippers.

Do you agree that we shouldn’t wear shoes indoors? If so, share this article with friends and family and let them know what you think.

Eva Jackson