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The Time Has Finally Come For Me To Say Goodbye


I am exhausted from trying to make you love. I am exhausted from loving you. For so long, I’ve tried to convince you that we are meant to be together, but in the end, it turned out that it was just a big mistake.

I gave you all my love thinking that you would give twice as much back. I gave you all my time thinking that you would value it. I gave you all my world thinking that you would want to live in it. I gave you my entire soul thinking that you would actually provide it with shelter from this cruel, cruel world. But my efforts were for nothing.

Because even after everything I did for you, I am still someone who will always be at the end of your priority list. Someone who will never be enough for you.

I get it. I just can’t understand what I did to deserve that. I cannot stop wondering how many more days will have to go by for you to finally decide. And, honestly, I don’t think that I will keep waiting for you to make up your mind. This thing, whatever we are doing is becoming too much for me. I cannot endure the pain. I cannot live with the fact that I am no one to you. I simply cannot keep giving my love to you if you don’t intend to give yours back.

So, I believe that time has finally come for me to say farewell.

Farewell, my love. Goodbye to all the memories that we shared together. Goodbye to all those hopes that I had about us. Goodbye to you. And goodbye to all the sadness.

I am letting go of you because I no longer have the strength to be there only when you need me.

I am forgetting everything I ever did for you because I am no longer strong enough to fight for you.

It will be hard, I know. But, staying beside you will be even harder. It will take a lot more than loving you. It will require hurting myself in order to please you. It will require punishing myself for making you happy. It will require giving up on my world for yours.

I refuse to do that.

That is why I am finally accepting the fact that we are not meant for each other. We were never going to end up together. And you were never the person for me.

So, goodbye to you. Goodbye to all the memories. Goodbye to all my hopes and dreams about us. Goodbye to a world that I once knew. Goodbye to it all.

I am someone who was much more before you came along. And I will never let you take that part away from me. I have my whole life and the whole world in front of me. I am ready to explore everything there is. I am ready to open new doors. And I am finally ready to accept my fate without you.

Deep down I know that, no matter how much it hurts now, there are much more amazing things coming my way.

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Stephanie Reeds