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One day You’ll Realize How Much You Fucked Up Because She’ll Always Be The Woman You Wish You Married


One day you’ll realize her worth. She will always be the woman you regret you didn’t marry. Because when you finally see her for the woman that she is, and when you realize how much she loved you and you failed to appreciate her – it will be too late.

Her love was genuine and unconditional, but you let her slip away. Now, she has moved on with someone who appreciates her. Someone who knows that she is all he needs to be happy. Something that you needed a lifetime to realize.

It’s your fault. You replaced a real love with shallow connections. You let her go. You walked away when dark clouds appeared on the horizon of your relationship. And instead of you two fighting the bad weather together, you run away looking for sunshine elsewhere.

You didn’t know that the most beautiful rainbows and the warmest sunshine always come after the most terrifying storm. Little did you know that she was the rainbow that would have colored your life in the most wonderful way possible. Now, she shines on her own. She shines over the life she has built for herself.

She finally understood that she did everything she could to save the relationship but you never reciprocated her efforts. She loved you for everything that you are and never tried to change you. She was always loyal and faithful to you. She was always there for you, but you were never there for her. Therefore, she gave up. She took a pain threshold and she gave up.

And that’s why one day you’ll realize what you’ve lost. One day when you sit alone in a bar. One day when you smell her perfume. One day when you walk down the street you walked together with her while smiling and eating ice cream. It will hit you. It will hit you when you realize that you are all alone and when people who you never thought would abandon and betray you, did just that.

You’ll realize that you’ve lost a rare gem, a deep soul connection that you can’t find nowadays with just anyone. You will realize your mistake but it will be too late to bring her back and change anything.

She is gone.

She stopped being the woman you can call whenever you’ve had a bad day and need someone to cheer you up. She stopped being the woman who was always texting you good morning and goodnight. She no longer is the woman who makes you laugh with her sarcastic comments and her witty sense of humor. She is no longer the woman who kisses you softly but passionately. She no longer looks at you like you are her world.

She will not even answer your call or reply to your ‘I miss you’ message because she has made up her mind and she no longer wants you in her life. You had your chance. Sadly, you missed it. She is done.

This woman will be with someone who makes her happy and doesn’t do anything to upset her or make her cry. She will be with someone who knows her worth and makes her a priority. Someone who is terrified of losing her. Someone who wants to build a future with her. Someone who knows she is the best thing to ever happen to them.

She will be the woman you wish you married but you didn’t. And you can’t do anything to change your destiny because she is now with a devoted man who is utterly and completely in love with her. Someone who is sure about her. Someone who makes her feel safe and secure.

You made your bed, now sleep in it.

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Mary Wright