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The Strongest Women Out There Have A Loved One In Heaven


She understands what pain feels like, and not the pain of being ghosted, cheated on, or dumped.

She has gone through extreme heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak that can never be repaired with a reconciliation or a rebound person. The kind of heartbreak where the person you love the most is never coming back.

This woman is strong because she loved someone with her whole heart – someone who cared about her, someone who was a really good person. Someone that deserved to live a long and happy life.

Life can sometimes be cruel, and they have been ripped away from her, leaving her destroyed.

She feels as though she was robbed of a precious time with them. She didn’t get to say all that she wanted to say to them. She feels that that was unfair, but still, she has learned to accept that these things happen and that sometimes life is not fair.

And she got to terms with it, even though she is broken inside.

God tested her strength the day she found about their death. And every single day since then. She is trying to stay strong even though her beliefs and hopes are shattered.

Her strength may have been dipping down low sometimes, but it has never abandoned her. Because if her strength had abandoned her for a moment, she probably wouldn’t be here.

But there she is. Still breathing. Still strong. Still fighting to make her life beautiful again.

Death has only made her stronger.

Because she has seen it all. She’s been through hell and she still has the zest for life. She got through the hardest times, times when she wished to disappear.

Yet, she still has the smile on her face. She is still enjoying her life and trying to make the best of it. Even though her loved one is gone.

And of course, she is not done with feeling pain and crying. But her tears are not a sign of a weakness. They are monuments of her strength and how far she has come.

She is strong because she is a survivor.

She is strong because she survived the biggest loss.

She is strong because she knows what it feels like to miss someone that you can never see again.

She is strong because she hasn’t allowed the circumstances to turn her into a cynic.

She is still a believer.

She is still a fighter with a huge heart.

Mary Wright