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Here’s Why Loners Are The Most Kind, Loyal, And Brilliant-Minded People


Some people find it hard to understand why loners guard their hearts and protect their sacred alone time. Some of them are even too quick to judge and label them as “antisocial”, “weird”, “grumpy”, or “obnoxious”.

But, only the rare among us understand that while others are desperately working to show themselves in the best light in order to connect with people and gain as many friends as they can, loners choose to be alone.

They don’t care about the number of friends, they don’t care about fame, popularity or attractiveness. Their ambition is not to become a part of the “cool kids” gang. These lone wolves don’t necessarily need someone to make them happy. They search for their happiness within.

And, no. Don’t rush to any silly conclusions. They don’t feel that they’re above anyone else, they don’t want to be superior, they are not stuck up and they certainly don’t hate people.

On the contrary, if you already have a friend who is a loner, you’d understand that these creatures are the most compassionate, kind, loyal and down to earth people. They may look like they’re not bothered, but the reality is- they care a lot. They may look reserved, but the truth is – they enjoy the company of other people.

It’s just – their world is completely different than ours. Their lenses are completely different color than ours. The people they choose to be part of their lives are there for a reason. Because, when these loners engage in a friendship, they need someone who’d understand them. Someone who’d be able to speak the same language their heart speaks.

But, of course, they also have their differences, because some are known to be more introverted than the others.

Now, while extroverted loners find it easy to communicate with other people, the introverted ones keep their thoughts to themselves.

Extroverted loners have the ability to share their emotions with others but to a certain extent. There are parts that they’d never agree to share with another human being. But, even though they find it easier to open up than introverted loners, they need to be surrounded by people who share similar interests. People who would know how to make love with their mind. People who’d entertain their brains with stimulating and intellectual conversations.

 Now introverted loners, on the other hand, struggle to get in their zone whenever they are surrounded by large groups of people. You see, they’re not quite used to spend their time in large groups of people, so social experiences often make it hard for them to function properly. That is why these special creatures carefully choose the people who could enter their world and discover their deepest thoughts.

All in all, loners are truly unique and special creatures. Not everyone can understand them, and not everyone can truly give them what they need. It takes an open mind and a big heart to be able to appreciate their peculiarity.

If you’d only allow them to become a part of your life, you’d see what I’m talking about. They will not only be your most loyal companion, but they will also entertain your mind and enrich your life.

As long as you stay true to them, they will give you everything.

But, if you betray them or give them a reason to doubt you, you’ll lose them.

Image source: Alberto Monteraz

Stephanie Reeds