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This Is How I Realized That The Man I Fell For Was Truly Crazy About Me


I’m a woman who was raised to believe in real love.

Taught to never settle for anything less than the real deal.

I don’t know if it’s because I have the perfect example of true love at home, or it’s just the what I choose to believe in, but ever since I can remember, I’m looking for the right one who’d make me feel and experience emotions I never even knew existed in me.

And luckily, I found him. I found you.

From the very minute I saw you, from the very first second our eyes met, I knew there’s something between us that is truly worthy of discovering.

It feels like it was just yesterday when we shook hands for the first time and you gave the look that completely changed my life.

It seems like only yesterday when I watched you playing the guitar and smiling at me for no reason. It seems like only yesterday when you first came to me and tried to steal a kiss, but instead ended up gently caressing my neck.

Right then and there, I realized that you and I were meant to be together. Because never before in my life had I experienced such strong a and intense connection.

What happened between us was not a matter of physical attraction. It felt like it was beyond any physical realm. We were strangers before, and now all of a sudden, our world collided, and we became one. We found each other.

Those sparks we both felt were based on a deeper connection. Something out of this world. A divine feeling. An eternal moment of bliss. An ecstasy.

More importantly, the very first moment I knew you were crazy in love with me was the moment when you decided that you were going to fight for me. Even though at the time I was in a long-term relationship with someone else, you knew that what we experienced was something truly valuable. A once-in-a-lifetime bond.

It was the most difficult period of my life because I was put to the ultimate test. I was on a crossroad. But, you gave me a sign. A sign I desperately needed to see from you.

You pursued me.

You showed me that the thrill of chasing does not excite you. You showed me that you could have anyone else, but the only person you want is me. You showed me that you’re capable of loving. You showed me that I matter to you. You showed me that this is real. That everything we felt and experienced is real.

And that was more than enough for me.

Because you made me feel special. We weren’t even together and, yet your smile and your support has made me the happiest girl alive.

More than anything, you were there for me. And for that, I’m truly grateful.

At that moment when my heart was torn between two decisions, you were there.  At that moment when I feared if I’m making the wrong choice, you were there to comfort me. I know it was hard for you, but you did your best to understand my struggle.

You were there to give me the time to think things through, you were there to hold my hand, you were there to tell me that it’s okay to hesitate, and surprisingly you were there to share your advice about your past experiences.

So, guess what my decision was?

At this moment, we’re together for more than two years and I can honestly say that he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It feels like I had known him from my previous life, but at the same time it feels like the fire between us is exactly the same one from the very beginning.

And it is the same feeling that makes me certain that I’m head over heels in love with someone who is crazy about me.

Image source: Ma_Co2013

Stephanie Reeds