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The Secret Of How A Strong Woman Wins Against A Narcissist


One of the most difficult challenges that you can come across in your lifetime is being faced with a narcissist. A lot of people can fall under the pressure and let this toxic person get the best of them. In contrast, a strong, fierce woman won’t back down when faced with the same person.

Like everything else in her life, she knows when she just can’t tolerate something or someone. This is the secret of how a strong woman wins against a narcissist.

The Trouble With A Narcissist

It may just sound like being self-absorbed is their only issue, but that’s not even a fraction of the story. Narcissists are some of the most toxic people out there. They use others in their games and manipulate everyone around them just to get what they want. Truly, they’re the kind of people that just cannot be trusted.

Even with their terrible behavior, they still manage to fool people into thinking they’re good. The way they do this is by fooling people with their charm and reeling them in with their shiny exterior. After that, all they have to do is lie to you, use you, and destroy you for their own gain. They won’t even own up to any of their wrongdoings. It’s like dealing with Jekyll and Hyde.

Not Everyone is So Easily Fooled

Although some people might never truly understand that someone in their life is toxic, others can sniff out a narcissist right away. Other people may take their time in figuring it out, but they will in the end.

On the other hand, a narcissist can’t fool a strong woman with their charm. She knows right away when someone is a malicious force, and she won’t spend a second of her energy trying to please them. When someone obviously only has bad intentions for her, she will do everything that she needs to to get that person the hell out of her life.

The Way That They Beat These People

A strong woman will never play the victim. Instead, she stands up to the people who are trying to abuse her. She does this not only for herself but also for the people around her too. What she wants most is to expose a narcissist for who they are so that they can never hurt anyone else again.

She’ll challenge this devious person and show them that she’s not afraid of them. When a narcissist feels challenged, they’ll try to play the victim, but a strong woman won’t fall for it. She’ll call them out on their crap and refuse to play along with their evil games. When all is said and done, she’ll cut that person out of her life completely and avoid all contact with them.

Dealing with a narcissist isn’t easy, not even for strong women. The difference is that a strong woman won’t try to spare the feelings of someone who she knows is a toxic manipulator. She’ll do whatever she needs to do to expose them and ostracize them from her and from the people that she cares about. No matter what cards a narcissist pulls out, a strong woman will always come out on top.

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Eva Jackson