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In The End You’ll Regret Losing The Person Who Waited For You To Get Your Shit Together


If you thought that someone will faithfully wait for you to build your career, or to find out whether at some point you want to get married and start a family, you are wrong.

Yes, it would be nice if we lived in a romantic comedy and the person who loves us would always be by our side, waiting for us to decide if we want to be with them. But, in real life things are different. Today, when a person has had enough of your bullshit – they’ll walk away.

You see, everyone will eventually get tired of giving you way too many chances. Because even though they strongly believed in your abilities to change and become a better person, they realized that it’s time to take care of themselves and leave you because they don’t deserve the treatment you are giving them.

They reached a point of no return. And when a person decides they are done, they are really done.

And once they have a taste of the life without you taking advantage of them, wasting their time and sucking their energy – their window will be forever closed for you. They won’t give you another chance. They won’t turn back and no amount of you begging and pleading and promising to change will make them change their decision.

And you can go on and try to defend your ego by saying that if they are not with you at your worst, they don’t deserve to be with you at your best.

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but you can’t expect a sane person to stay with you and deal with all your bullshit. No one deserves to live a life full of pain, drama, and stress. You have no right to imprison another human being into waiting for you to get your shit together and decide whether you want to be with them.

In the end, you will regret losing this person who waited for you and was by your side when you were at your lowest point in life. You will regret losing them because they loved you and supported you when you least deserved it. They were the ones who truly believed in you.

You will regret losing this person the moment you meet someone new who will only love you when you are at your highest point in life and the moment you start losing it, they will turn away and leave you.

And it will be in those moments that you will realize what you’ve lost. You lost a person who did everything for you without asking for anything in return. You lost a person who accepted you for who you are, flaws and all. And you let them go.

Mary Wright