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8 Reasons Why Intelligent Women Are More Likely To Be Single


You would think that smart women would have everything – good jobs, nice friends, a great romantic partner. The truth is, they don’t have all these things, nor do they always want them. In fact, many of these women end up without a partner by their side.

Whether they want to be with someone or not, smart women often live a solo lifestyle for quite a long time. Usually, it’s because of these 8 reasons why intelligent women are more likely to be single.

1. They Won’t Settle For Just Anyone

Women like this can tend to be very picky when it comes to relationships. Don’t think that that’s a bad thing though. Really, they’re just concerned with choosing the right person for them and not starting a new affair with just anybody.

2. Some Men Are Intimidated by Them

It’s no secret that some men out there can be intimidated by intelligent women. If they already have an inferiority complex, they can truly despise women who are openly clever and unapologetic about it. Therefore, there are just less guys out there for a smart woman.

3. They Value Their Independence

These kinds of women know how to look after themselves and don’t need anybody else’s help to do so. Even more than that, they actually enjoy their independence a lot. They’re not willing to giving up the single life very easily because of that.

4. They Aren’t Afraid to Be Themselves

Smart women know who they are and what they want. They aren’t willing to change that to fit someone’s desires, or even pretend to be someone else. If someone doesn’t like them for who they are then they won’t have any problem with letting that person go.

5. Past Failures Can Hold Them Back

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships and chooses people who didn’t treat them exactly how they should. If these women have been hurt before, they don’t want to let it happen ever again.

6. Men Can Be Afraid of a Woman Who’s More Successful Than Them

For years, men were on top and women were just there to make babies, clean the house, and cook dinner. Although things have changed, some men haven’t managed to keep up with the times. Sadly, they can feel challenged, and even threatened, by a smart woman who knows how to take control of her own life.

7. They Want Someone Who Matches Their Maturity

Naturally, intelligence comes with maturity. Women like this don’t want to risk settling for someone who’s immature or childish. Instead, they’d much rather wait until someone comes along who can match their maturity level.

8. They’re Happy by Themselves

Make no mistake, smart women are not afraid to be alone. They aren’t too bothered about finding a partner and honestly enjoy being single. Unlike some, they don’t feel the need to go looking for love and would much rather wait for it to happen naturally.

Love may be something that fascinates the masses, but it’s not something that these women give that much thought to. The fact is that intelligent women have other things to worry about before they go looking for a relationship. They’d much rather sort out their own lives before making that kind of commitment to someone else. Although they may stay single for a while, they like it that way.

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Eva Jackson