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The Saddest Part Of Anxiety Is Feeling Unappreciated, Unimportant, And Unloved

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Anxiety locks you at home. It makes you scared to go out because you think everyone will judge you or say bad things about you.

You feel like a burden. You refuse to call or text your friends and go out with them because you think they don’t want you to be a part of them.

You feel unattractive and unloved. You avoid talking to your crush or go on a date with them because you are horrified by the thought of them rejecting you or making fun of you.

That is your anxiety influencing your thoughts and actions. It makes you feel like you are unimportant. A bother. A nuisance. Someone everyone rejects and makes fun of.

Your anxiety brings to light your worst fears – being rejected and judged by others. That’s why you don’t socialize with other people. That’s why you believe you are not good enough. That’s why you feel like you don’t belong anywhere.

You have a constant nagging feeling that you are always the one who gives more to your relationships. Like you are the only one who cares. You even think that your friends hate you even though you know that is not true. Those are only your thoughts that get the best of you, but you can’t control them.

Anytime someone says a nice thing to you, or make a kind gesture, you feel like they are manipulating you. Your anxiety is destroying your self-confidence and is making you fear anything and anyone.

Every day is a new challenge for you and at the end of the day, you feel like a warrior coming from yet another battle.

Anxiety is also taking away your voice. It makes you feel like what you have to say is useless and unimportant and so, you keep your mouth shut. You are scared to open your mouth and making a fool of yourself, and that’s why before you decide to speak you repeat the thought in your mind several times, but by the time you are ready to speak, the conversation has shifted.

Anxiety makes you feel like no one appreciates you for the hard work you do. Like no one is even noticing how much work you have put into your studies, work, your relationships, yourself… Like no one is there to say ‘Congratulations, you are amazing.’ So, you constantly feel like you are failing at everything you do.

Anxiety is the reason you are feeling unappreciated, unloved, and unimportant. But, you must remember that your anxiety is lying to you.

You are your own judge. You are your biggest critic. You are thinking the worst of you. No one is against you, only you and your anxiety.

Mary Wright