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The Reality Is When A Man Is In Love With You Will Commit To You Immediately – Everything Else Is Stringing You Along


Here’s the truth that most people are too scared to tell you – a man who loves you and wants to be with you will commit to you instantly and without second-guessing. He would lock you down because he wouldn’t want anyone else to grab your attention and “steal you away” from him.

So, the only thing you should look for to know whether you two are ‘meant to be’ is to ask yourself whether you are with him right here, right now.

Because the man with whom you are meant to be won’t put you on hold.

This might be a hard pill to swallow given the circumstances that a man who doesn’t want to be with you in a real way will probably still continue to breadcrumb you and give you just as much attention and love to keep you around but never really committing to you.

He’ll weave you through a myriad of excuses leaving you feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed; unable to decipher whether you should hold on and wait a little longer or you should leave him and stop wasting your time.

Many dating experts agree that if you are seeing someone for 90 days and they still don’t know for sure if you are ‘the one’ – they never will. So, if you want to get married and you are involved with someone who is not sure he wants to be in a committed relationship with you, leave him because you are wasting your time.

And I think that the main problem isn’t that women cannot recognize when they are in a bad relationship – because they can. Their intuition always has their back. The problem is that what can be translated as “bad” gets usually mixed with the woman’s expectations and all the “good” characteristics and signs that she is meant to be with that man.

And of course, all the heart-pounding ecstasy that she feels whenever she is with him that gets her thinking she is connected with him on a soul level, which is a dangerous thing by itself because it blurs a woman’s vision and she begins thinking he is better than he really is.

But you should know that people who really feel each other and want to be together don’t need to justify that. They don’t have excuses. They are not confused. They don’t look for signs that a commitment is on the horizon. They simply are in a committed loving relationship.

Because the thing is, the man who wants you by his side will fear to lose you. A man who is in love with you will do everything to keep you by his side and he’ll never let you go.

The commitment will happen naturally because he’ll make it happen.

So, if you are wasting your time and energy with someone who is not sure about you and doesn’t love you enough to claim you and commit to you in a way you want him to– stop with the bullshit and leave him.

Be by yourself for a while and leave your door open for someone new to come. Someone who’ll appreciate you and who’ll be sure of you. Someone who will give you a meaning to ‘forever.’

Mary Wright