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The Real Reason Why So Many Women Love Wearing All Black


Each new season comes with different colors that come into fashion. In spring, pastels rule and floral prints are everywhere. Summer is taken over by bright vibrant tones. Warm yellows, greens, and burgundy take over autumn to match the falling leaves. Finally, in winter dark blues and purples contrast with beiges and whites. However, throughout the whole year, some women ignore these trends and decide to stick to the same black clothes instead.

For some, this might seem strange. Despite that, there is an explanation as to why this happens. So, I’m going to be telling you the real reason why some women love wearing all black.

A Study Into Perception

Different colors make us feel different ways, even if we don’t realize it. Several studies have even been done on the subject, including one survey from butshirtsonline.co.uk. In it, they questioned people on how they perceived certain colors. As well as that, they also looked into which colors the participants viewed as being the best to wear in certain situations.

In their survey, black reigned supreme. 56% of all the participants associated it with confidence, seriousness, and reliability. In other areas, such as intelligence and sexiness, black was also ranked at number 1. Furthermore, most people found it to be the most appropriate color for first dates, interviews, weddings, and other various occasions.

Women Want to Feel Powerful

Since most people see the color black as signifying confidence and prestige, it’s no wonder why so many women wear it. Naturally, they want to feel good about themselves and to give other people the impression that they’re powerful. As it turns out, black is the perfect color for doing just that.

In addition to that, this color also helps women feel safe. Many of them subconsciously choose black clothing because it makes them feel protected from feelings that they feel they can’t control. Likewise, wearing all monochromatic shades makes them feel put-together and more sure of themselves.

It Can Be About Fashion Too

In lots of cases, women do wear mostly black because of how it makes them feel. However, it’s not all about subconscious thoughts and emotions. As well as that, this decision can also be for much simpler reasons too. Mainly, it can just be a fashion choice.

Black is a color which goes with everything. So, it only makes sense that when people are shopping for clothes they’re more likely to buy something black so that it will match the rest of their wardrobe. Along with that, most people agree that this color makes you look slimmer, a look which many women desire.

There are so many reasons why women choose to wear black all the time. On the one hand, it could be because of a desire to feel powerful and exude confidence. The other reason, however, could have more to do with practicality and fashion choices than anything else. Whatever the reason may be, we know one thing for certain – black will continue to be the new black.

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Eva Jackson