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The True Meaning Behind The Famous Saying “If You Love Someone, Let Them Go”


“If you love someone, let them go”

This saying, as counterintuitive as it is, holds a deep meaning. Namely, most people believe that if you love someone you must hold on to them, and thus the sentence above seems illogical and hard to understand.

So, why not be with the person you love and hold on to them no matter what? Why not fight for the relationship if there is love between you?

Well, the true meaning of love means being selfless, not selfish. And when your partner wants to be alone and focus on themselves or doesn’t want to be in a relationship you need to respect their decision regardless of how much you love them. You need to let them go.

Of course, you can still keep fighting for your love and try to fix the connection, but ultimately, when you realize that being together causes you more pain than happiness, then it is time to let your partner go and find happiness elsewhere.

And when you do let them go, it will hurt. Letting go will break your heart and there will be times when all you want to do will be to run back to them to repair things between you, but please don’t do that.

Let them be free. Let them go.

Because, letting them go instead of holding onto them when there is pain involved is true love. True love is caring for what’s best for them and acting accordingly. Because at the end of the day, you want them to be happy even if they are not with you. That is love.

You will need time to get over them. But, during that time you will learn how to love yourself and focus on yourself and your needs. You will become a better person. You and your partner will both become better people during your separate journey and that will result in a better relationship whether with your partner or with someone new.

Because if it’s real love between you, you will find your way back together.

And in that case, letting them go doesn’t mean ‘goodbye.’ It means ‘until next time.’

Mary Wright