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The Narcissist’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Narcissist’s Strengths And Weaknesses


The Narcissist can see all your weak spots and use them for their own gains without remorse. The Narcissist is a mentally and emotionally abusive person that after they meet a person, they analyze them to find valuable things about their personality in order to manipulate them later if they are a potential love interest. The Narcissist starts sharing their secrets during the courting stage to inspire the other person to reveal their secrets and fears with them.

Just as the Narcissist is able to place the potential victim on a pedestal by learning what they want to hear and then saying those words to them to make them feel like they have met their soulmate. However, the Narcissist is also capable of throwing their victim off the pedestal and devalue them in the vilest way possible. And the Narcissist can easily do it because they know their worst fears and past traumas.

The Narcissist has a charming façade that they present to the outside world. They present a very attractive image for themselves and therefore, the victims are not able to clear their thoughts and see the Narcissist for who they are because they are influenced by the opinions and voices of other people who are mesmerized by the Narcissist.

The Narcissist has an instinctive knowledge of human behavior. Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths have a greater understanding of human behavior because they have spent their whole lives analyzing people and how they act objectively without being emotionally attached to them. The Narcissist knows what makes others tick and that’s why they are so good at mimicking emotions.


The Narcissist fears and hates who they have become in spite of their sense of grandiosity. Even though the Narcissist likes that they have the upper hand over the emotionally pitiful human beings like they call them, deep down the Narcissist hates that they are emotionally dumb and the fact that without their Narcissistic Supplies their life is boring and they are nothing.

The Narcissist’s kryptonite is indifference. They cannot stand it. They can stand being hated because it gives them the ultimate confirmation that they are valuable and that they have the power to control their victims. The Narcissist also enjoys love, especially during the idealization phase. However, indifference is something that kills them because it means that they have no power and no control.

The Narcissist’s shallow emotions cannot compete with the deep emotional connections that survivors are able to form. The survivor is gifted and blessed to form a healthy and emotionally fulfilling relationship with other people, and the Narcissist is not. Survivor’s voices are the strongest when they are together.

If you are a survivor, please share this article with your family and friends to remind them that they are not alone in their battle with the Narcissist.


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Mary Wright