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The More Able You Are To Accept The Now, The More You’re Free Of Pain

Vibrating Self-Respect Can Give You A New Perspective In Life

There’s no such person whose life is completely free of sadness and pain. Because pain is an inseparable part of life. So, it’s a question of learning to live with it and accept it rather than trying to avoid it.

Unfortunately, what many people fail to realize is that the greater part of pain everyone experiences is self-created.  

The pain that we create here and now is always some kind of resistance to the Now, and this depends on how strongly you identify yourself with your mind. And since the mind always tries to find ways to escape the present moment and deny it, we can conclude the following thing: The more you identify yourself with your mind, the more you create pain. In other words, the more you’re willing to accept the present moment, the more you’re free of suffering, of sadness, of pain.

The question that arises here is: Why does the mind customarily resist or deny the present moment?

Well, the answer is simple: It can’t function without time, which is either future or past, so it sees the timeless present as threatening.

Undeniably, we need both time and the mind to function in this world, but when we allow them to take over our lives, that’s when sadness, suffering, and dysfunction set in.

The human mind has been accumulating a great burden of time, and it also carries a significant amount of residual past suffering and pain.

So, if you don’t want to create pain in your life anymore or add to the residual past pain that your mind still carries, then stop creating any more time. You can do this by understanding deeply that the Now is all you have and making the present moment the main focus of your life.

If you lived in time previously and occasionally visited the present, make the present moment your dwelling place and visit the past and future once in a while when you need to deal with the practical aspects of your life.

Never be afraid to say yes to the Now. Because nothing could be more insane, more meaningless, or more useless than to try to oppose, resist, or deny life itself, which is in the present moment and always in the present moment.

Accept The Present Moment As It Is, Even When It’s Unpleasant, Painful, Or Awful

The present moment is the way it is. When the mind labels it, this creates disappointment, unhappiness, and pain. But, being aware of the ways the mind functions will enable you to oppose its resistance, and then you can let the present moment be. Then you can accept the Now more easily and act.

So, whatever the present moment has in store for you, embrace it. Make it your friend, not your adversary. This will change your entire life for the better.

The Emotional Pain-Body

As long as you aren’t able to embrace the present moment, every emotional pain you experience leaves residual pain behind that fuses with the pain from your past and lodges in your body as well as your mind.  This accumulated pain, which can be perceived as an entity on its own, is the pain-body.

In some individuals, the emotional pain-body may be active all of the time, while others may experience it just in certain situations, like situations related to abandonment, loss, emotional or physical hurt, and etc.

The emotional pain-body can only survive if you identify yourself with it unconsciously. It can then gain control of you and live through you. And it’ll feed on anything that causes you to suffer in whatever form: disappointment, grief, hatred, anger, and even illness.

And once the pain-body has gained total control of you, you unconsciously want to suffer more pain. You unknowingly design both your thinking and behavior to prolong the pain.

How To Dissolve The Pain-Body?

The pain-body doesn’t want you to perceive it for what it is. Instead, it wants you to constantly identify yourself with it unconsciously. It wants you to be afraid of facing and overcoming the pain that dwells in you.

Because the moment you pay attention to the emotional pain-body and observe it, it stops having control over you. It can no longer pretend that it’s you. It can no longer control your thinking. And most importantly, it can no longer prevent you from finding your inner strength and embracing the power of the present moment.

Riley Cooper