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If You Are Destined To Be Together, You’ll Find Your Way Back Eventually

meant to be together

Some people believe in destiny. They believe that the course of their lives is predestined. And others believe that life is what we make it. In their view, you’re the one who has control over your life and who writes your own destiny.

And there’s this group of people, people like me, who believe in the power of love.

Yes, I believe in the true, pure, deep, selfless kind of love that can strike you when you least expect it and that has the power to turn your world upside down.

I believe in the kind of love that only fate can make happen.


Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that our life is predestined? That everything we’ve already experienced and everything we have yet to experience is simply a matter of fate? Or you simply believe that fate is what we make it?

Whether or not you believe in fate, there is one fact that no one can deny: The course of life is unpredictable.

Some people think that life is a series of events that have been decided to happen by fate. Others tend to think that we write our own destiny. In their view, our destiny can be altered and twisted according to our efforts and wants.

Then, there are those who believe in both or in neither of them. They’ve somehow managed to find balance. And finally, there are people who only believe in the power of their love.

The truth is that you’ll never get the things you really want in life, including your true love, and feel fulfilled on both personal and professional level if you’re not willing to take a chance and put in the effort.

On the other hand, if you’re willing and determined to accept any opportunity life offers you, no matter how illogical it may seem to you, you’re more likely to meet your forever person.

Sometimes, this can include a lot of travelling, meeting lots of new people, making new friendships, and taking chances in love. Leaving your comfort zone, embracing every opportunity, and not being afraid of rejection is the best and quickest way to find the love of your life.

When two people find each other after years of searching for the one, the force of their love can feel incredibly intense. They’ve been in other relationships, some of which may have been quite satisfying, but none has felt so perfect as this one.

The connection between them is so strong that can even feel frightening to them. This inexplicable force often causes many couples to part ways although they’re still deeply in love with each other.

The happy couple can feel destroyed when their seemingly perfect relationship breaks down. Such ideal love and relationship as theirs was supposed to last forever, right?

The thing is that this new, strong bond created by fate can be very intimidating, and although people say they’re ready for it, not everyone is prepared for what a relationship forged by fate really requires.

Sometimes, it requires a trial period. Namely, couples need to face some challenges and even spend some time apart before they’re truly prepared to commit to the relationship.

So, whether you believe in fate or not, one thing is for sure: If you’re meant to be together with your perfect match, fate will bring you back together. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into preparing yourself to be together with your forever person.

Even if you had to walk away for a while, fate will give you another chance to come back to them and the relationship renewed and ready to commit to them.

You were meant to be together, and fate will make sure that really happens.

Riley Cooper