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The Mirror Effect: This Is Why Some People Instantly Hate Empaths


Dear empaths, I know that no matter how blessed you feel to possess the greatest gift of Claircognizance, you’ve all experienced being disliked or hated for being different from most of the people.

Whether it is in the form of a bizarre resentment, or intense hatred, you all know what it feels to be avoided and mocked for no reason whatsoever.

It’s hard to comprehend why would someone despise you, especially when you’ve done nothing to insult or hurt them. But, it is how social interactions work.

No matter how polite or kind you are, there will always be people who dislike you and doesn’t accept you for who you are. We’re all different in our own unique way. So, it’s silly of you to even wonder why would someone find you repulsive instead of attractive.

However, this is something that happens more often to empaths than to other people. The thing that baffles them the most is why most people act so hateful towards them when the only thing they’ve done is help them.

So, after some serious talk with a few fellow empaths and a long period of contemplation, I’ve come to discover that there are 3 main reasons why people usually avoid and dislike empaths.

They act as mirrors

It’s pretty common for people to act inauthentically. Rare are those who accept themselves the way they are and rare are those who like every aspect of their personality. The rest of the people hide it because it’s easier to put a mask on than to actually change.

Whether it’s a fear of being judged, criticized, put down or rejected, these people deal with many insecurities. Therefore, a mask is the only thing that keeps them safe.

However, when one of these people comes face to face with an empath, there’s no way they can hide their traits, so the mask usually comes off on its own. Anything hidden like anger, guilt, insecurity, fear becomes reflected in the mirror of the empath.

By picking up on their emotions, the empath has the power to project them back out to the owner and what’s more, to wear their ugly truth while being completely unaware of it.

And once the secret is revealed and everything’s out in the open, you can only assume how frustrated and angry would that troubled person be.

Their vibration is too high and fast for other people

The fact that empaths need to be around positive people who vibrate on a high-frequency level doesn’t mean that everyone around them is ready to transcend and vibrate a clean energy.

There are people who will always choose to be asleep. People who won’t dare to wake up and take matters into their hands. People who’d prefer to stay inside their shell of denial and pessimism rather than deal with their issues.

This is one of the reasons why empaths usually feel unwanted. People who exist in a low-level vibration cannot understand a spiritually awakened person who is experiencing a metanoia. These people may try to change you and bring you back to their level.

You may try to help them transcend and move forward, but you have to understand that not everyone is ready to raise their vibration. Some people still have some valuable lessons to learn before they can take on their journey.

Their stillness is wrongly interpreted

This is perhaps the biggest misconception people have about empaths.

The introverted nature of the empaths is often wrongly interpreted and most of the times they’re labeled as shy, asocial, disrespectful or even arrogant.

As I said, when an empath acts distant, it’s usually because they experience a total burn out and they need time to work on themselves. Having in mind that these human beings have a lot going on inside their heads, it’s only natural for them to need a lot of time on their own to recharge and reconnect with themselves.

Sadly, the more insecure a person is the more they are insulted by the empath’s need for peace and quiet. This is often interpreted as a rejection. When a person who is having a problem dealing with their issues notices that an empath is suddenly cooling off, they may consider this as a direct insult and find a way to hurt the empath.

So, dear empaths, try not to take everything seriously. Sometimes it’s just the mirror inside your pure soul that sets people on fire.

Keep shining. The right ones will always recognize your light.

Stephanie Reeds