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9 Things A Man Does When He Falls Head Over Heels In Love With You


Love is a beautiful experience that can completely change someone’s behavior. There are a lot of guys out there who just want to waste your time, but when a man truly loves you, he’ll show it. A man in love will treasure you and treat you with respect and care.

If he’s in love with you, the way he acts around you will let you know just how much he cares. These are 9 things a man does when he falls head over heels in love with you.

1. He Protects You

The last thing he wants is to see you hurt. No matter what happens, he’ll always step in to keep you safe. Be it from physical or emotional threats, he will try to protect you from any dangers that arise.

2. He Always Asks Your Opinion

Your opinion is valuable to him. Whenever he needs to make a decision, he always asks you for your thoughts before deciding. He trusts that what you think is meaningful and will help him to make the right choice.

3. He Wants to Kiss and Cuddle You

It’s not all about sex with him. He wants to kiss you, hug you, and cuddle with you at any chance that he gets. There’s nothing better for him than lying in bed with you in his arms.

4. He Listens To What You Have to Say

Whenever you see each other, he asks about your day and really listens to the answer. When you tell him a story he hears you out and is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

5. He Remembers the Small Things

Your favorite color or the way you like your coffee, he’ll remember all the little details. If he knows that it’s something important to you, or important for him to know, he’ll make the effort to remember.

6. He Goes Out of His Way For You

You know that you can always count on him. When you need something, he’ll be there for you. He always tries his best to get you everything that you want and to be there to support you. It’s never too inconvenient for him or too much of a hassle.

7. He Likes You to Spend Time With His Family

Whether it’s his mom, dad, sibling, grandparents, or anyone in his family, you’re close with them all. He likes you to go to family events with him or to see them for lunch or coffee. Nothing makes him happier than having all the people he cares about together in one room.

8. He Doesn’t Mind You Doing Your Own Thing

Your man doesn’t own you, and he knows that. He never has a problem with you seeing your friends, going shopping, or doing anything else without him. All he cares about is seeing you happy.

9. He Tells You Every Day

When a guy truly loves you, you won’t have to guess. He’ll tell you how much you mean to him as often as he can. It won’t just be through his actions, but through his words as well. He’s deeply in love with you and he wants to tell you that.

Having a man in your life who loves you is a precious gift. He will support you, care for you, and cherish every moment that you spend together. Show him how much he means to you too and it will be a wonderful relationship that will last.

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Eva Jackson