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The Guaranteed Method For Dealing With A Toxic Narcissist In Your Life


Most people will have the misfortune of coming across a narcissist at some point. The even unluckier ones will end up being sucked into the world of this toxic person. A person like that will use and manipulate you without ever feeling remorseful for it. They’re truly the most toxic force that you could ever have in your life.

Naturally, having this person around you is emotionally and spiritually draining. You’ll want to have them out of your world at all costs. To do that, you’ll need to use the guaranteed method for dealing with a toxic narcissist in your life.

What is a Narcissist

The first step to dealing with a narcissist is identifying them. If you don’t, you’ll end up letting them walk all over you because you won’t realize that they’re doing anything wrong. They can so easily reel you in with their charm and blind you to all their wrongdoings, so you’ll have to stay vigilant.

A narcissist is someone who only thinks of themselves. They have fragile egos and because of that, they feel the need to prove themselves as better than anyone else. No matter what, they have to be the best at everything, look the best, and have all the best things.

These kinds of people use others for their own advantage. They don’t care who they hurt in the process as long as it gets them what they want. By charming others, they manage to get into their lives and manipulate them. They can end up completely destroying someone else’s life through manipulation.

Why It’s So Hard To Leave A Narcissist

From the outside, it can be easy to spot all the negative behaviors of these people. However, once you’re inside, it’s a whole different story. A narcissist will prey on your emotions and make you feel like you need them in your life. That’s the only way that they can keep people around to use in their games.

As well as all that, they also mess with your feelings in other ways. To feel strong, they need to make you feel weak. In some ways, it’s like they’re emotional vampires that take the energy of others. Once they have you dependent on them, that’s when they’ll begin destroying your self-confidence.

Cut Them Off

The best way that you can get rid of a narcissist, is to cut all ties with them. Keeping some connection will give them an in to pull you back into their life. You may think that it’s easy to just lower the time that you spend with them, but they’ll find a way to manipulate you into spending every second of the day with them.

If you really want their influence on you to be gone for good, you need to completely cut ties with them. Ignore them, block their number, and cut all contact with them for good. They may try to reel you back in at the start, but they’ll give up once they see that the effort isn’t worth the reward.

Try the Gray Rock Method

Sometimes, you might be unable to completely cut ties with this toxic person. They could be a colleague, a family member, or someone else that you have no choice but to be around. Thankfully, there is one other thing that you can try in this case.

The gray rock method refers to, quite literally, acting like a gray rock. This means that you’ll be someone completely boring that people would look past, just like a rock. To do this you’ll need to never give an opinion to them, never show them your emotions, and keep all your answers to them completely minimal. Most important of all, don’t engage in conversation with them and do not, by any means, give them praise.

This method works so well because narcissists will only keep people around that they have a use for. They need people around that they can prey on and people that will admire them. If you don’t show any emotional responses, there’s not much that they can do with you.

If you spot the signs that someone around you is a narcissist, you need to deal with it before it’s too late. Leaving it for too long will give them the chance to do irreversible damage to your life. Cutting them out entirely is the best thing that you can do. However, in cases where that’s not possible, remember to make yourself useless to them so that they get bored of you.

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Eva Jackson