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9 Things That I Will Never Expect From Other People


We’re all born to trust people and expect that they will behave in the exact same way that we do. It’s just human nature to place our own expectations on others. Despite what we may think, however, as we grow up, we can see that people won’t always do what we think that they will.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized what I can and can’t assume that people will do. These are the 9 things that I will never expect from other people.

1. To Make Me Happy

In this world, you need to make your own happiness. I know that if I rely completely on other people to bring me joy, I’ll just end up being surrounded by sadness. When it comes to my life, I will always create my own true happiness.

2. To Read My Mind

When I want something, I ask for it. There’s no point in waiting around for other people to figure out what I need because they’re already busy with their own things. No one is a mind reader and I never expect them to be.

3. To Admit That They’re Wrong

Some people are just stubborn no matter what. Although that used to bother me, I’ve accepted it and moved on. If someone won’t take responsibility for themselves, that’s going to cause more problems for them than it will cause for me.

4. To Forgive Me

Just like everyone else, I mess up too sometimes. When I’m truly sorry, I’ll apologize, but that doesn’t mean that people are just going to let it go. Some people can hold a grudge for a lifetime.

5. To Do What’s Right

I always try to do what’s right, and so do most other people. The sad fact is, not everyone cares about morality. Some will simply do whatever they want and not care about who they hurt or what they destroy in the process.

6. To Be Perfect

Perfection is a myth. I know that some people are going to make mistakes and I know that everyone has their flaws. You can’t hold anyone to the standard of perfection. If you expect that of people, you’re always going to be disappointed.

7. To Agree With Me

Everyone has their own opinions on everything, and some of those opinions can’t be shaken. Just because I feel that I’m right doesn’t mean that everyone else will. People are always going to disagree with you, no matter what you say.

8. To Treat Me How I Treat Them

The only thing that you can really do in life is to try your best to treat everyone with kindness. That’s the way that I try to behave, but not everyone has the same mentality. I will never expect people to treat me with compassion, but that won’t stop me from being the bigger person.

9. To Accept Me

Some people are going to hate you, some are going to love you, and others will just never understand you. No matter what path I take in life, there are going to be people that don’t agree with my choices and refuse to accept who I am. Despite that, I’m just going to keep doing what I think is the best thing for me.

I truly believe that, in life, it’s smarter to never assume anything about others. You should simply wait and see what they really do. If you expect too much from people, you will keep being disappointed time and time again.

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Eva Jackson