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A Strong Woman Will Never Look Back When She Leaves A Relationship


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”  

– Hermann Hesse

Ending a relationship is not an easy decision to make. It’s not something that any woman will take on lightly. Therefore, when she said goodbye to you, she meant it. Whatever her reasons were, she’s not going to change her mind.

I know that you probably want her back. You regret the way that things happened and wish you could be with her again. Sadly, she’s gone for good, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. No matter what, a strong woman will never look back when she leaves a relationship.

You Couldn’t Appreciate What You Had

All you could ever want was right in front of you. You had an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and kind woman. She gave her whole heart to you and did everything that she could for you. Truly, she was the whole package. I guess that that wasn’t enough for you.

In the end, you had to ruin it all. You took her kindness for weakness and threw the love you shared. Maybe you didn’t think or maybe you thought that it was the right decision, but it doesn’t matter now. You lost the girl who gave you everything just because you wanted more. Soon you’ll see that no one is willing to love you in the way that she did. No one will ever do as much for you as she did.

A girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime, but you were too blind to see that. You thought that there was something better waiting for you, be it another girl or another life. When you wake up and realize that that dream is a lie, you’ll be begging for her to come back, but it will be too late.

She Won’t Love You Forever

When you two were together, her love for you was so strong. Of course, it hurt when it ended. She felt truly betrayed and wounded because she really did care deeply about you. The thing is, that love won’t last forever. Once you gave her up, you were dead to her. Although she may still have some feeling left for you, those are going to fad.

She’ll be much better off without you. When she’s not wasting her love on you, she can save it for herself. Because you’re gone from her life she can learn to love herself more than she ever thought possible. That’s not something that she’s just going to give up by going back to you. She’s gained too much respect for herself to ever put herself through that again.

She’s Going to Move On

A woman like her knows that she’s worth more than someone who’s willing to throw her love in the trash. She knows that she only deserves the best in life. Although she may decide to take some time to be alone, she’ll eventually move on. Someone amazing is going to come into her life and give her the respect and love that she deserves.

Why would she ever want to get back together with you when she knows that there’s love like that out there? Why put herself back into a situation with someone who doesn’t really care when she could have someone who truly does? She won’t do that. Now, she’s gone for good.

When a woman like her says goodbye, she means goodbye forever. Although you may wish that you could have her back, you can just keep dreaming. When you left her, you really messed up. Now you can live with the consequences of losing an amazing, strong woman. She’s done with you for forever.

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Eva Jackson