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The Eastern Puma Is Now Extinct Thanks To Humans


Humans are particularly skilled at destroying the planet. We’re masters at eradicating animal life, ocean and forest zones, and anything else in our paths. Because of our careless and selfish ways, countless animal species have gone extinct. Likewise, many more of them are endangered or vulnerable.

One of the newest editions to the list of extinct species was one that we have terrorized for the past hundred years. Tragically, the eastern puma is now extinct thanks to humans.

From Endangered to Extinct

Although it may come as a shock to many of us, experts in the field of endangered wildlife aren’t surprised by this news. The eastern puma has been endangered for years and it’s been believed for a while now that they may have died out long ago. In fact, these wild cats vanished decades ago. However, experts weren’t able to confirm that they were extinct.

At the beginning of the 20th century, most of this species had already been completely wiped out. The few that remained were subject to brutal treatment either directly or indirectly. They were true victims at the hands of human beings.

In addition to all of that, scientists understood just how dire the situation was years ago. In 2015, biologists made the horrifying conclusion that they could do nothing to help the eastern puma. It was an animal that would soon be gone from our planet.

How This Happened

Long ago, the eastern puma was the most common land mammal in this part of the world. They were majestic, strong, fierce, and completely safe from predators. That changed, however, when humans decided to take charge of their lands.

For decades, human beings encroached on the eastern pumas’ lands. They used up all the resources that they could find, built cities, and left the pumas with nowhere left to go. In the end, many of them disappeared entirely because they didn’t have the resources that they needed to survive.

Those of the species that did live, however, faced an equally terrible fate. Many of these beautiful creatures were wiped out directly by the hands of humans. Some of them were killed for attacking people’s cattle and poultry. Even worse still, many more of them were poached for their beautiful pelts.

It’s Not All Bad News

These pumas were genetically related to mountain lions which reside in the western regions of North America. Along with that, they’re also closely related to Florida panthers which live in the Everglades. Because of this, conservationists feel that adding the eastern puma to the extinct category may be useful. They believe that they could now find a way to revive their species with help from their relatives.

As well as that, the extinction of this species may have another purpose too. Since the average person was likely shocked by the news, it could spread awareness. People are now becoming more and more aware of how crucial it is to protect animal species. Now, the eastern puma may serve as a reminder to people that they need to take action now.

All good things eventually come to an end whenever humans get involved. Sadly, many animal species will be the ones to suffer because of it. One great species which fell victim to this was the eastern puma. It’s just one more animal which we’ve completely eradicated due to the destructive nature of humanity.

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Eva Jackson