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The Day You Push Her Away Is The Day She’ll Realize How Strong She Is


Be careful with her.

Be careful how you treat her. Be careful how you love her. Be careful how you touch her.

For she loves you. She loves you more than anything in this world. She’s doing everything that she can to keep this relationship going. Because of one thing. She believes in you. She believes that you can change and she believes that deep down you love her. So, she’s there. She has your back. She’s loyal to you. She puts up with your nonsense. She looks the other way. She trusts you, no matter what you say.

But she won’t be there much longer…

And deep down you know it.  You just don’t want to admit it.

Still, the truth is the truth. And it will never change, no matter what you do.

The day you mistreat a woman who loves you with all her heart is the day you give her the opportunity to walk away forever and become stronger.

The day you hurt her is the day she’ll realize her worth.

Never forget that.

She’ll be broken, she’ll be torn, she is going to suffer, but ultimately her wounds will heal. And just like a phoenix, she will be reborn from the ashes. Your actions will make her stronger, wiser, more dangerous, for they will take her kindness for granted. They will rob her of her hopes and leave her helpless…

But she’ll get back on her feet. Never ever doubt that.

The Day You Lose Her

She’ll need some time to gather her strength and find herself, but eventually, she will. And when she does, she’ll come back stronger and braver. She’ll put everything behind her, she’ll erase every memory of you, she’ll let the pain teach her the most valuable life lessons and she will carry on.  Like nothing ever happened.

So, be careful with her.

Be careful with a woman who loves you more than you deserve.

Be careful with a woman who gives you her heart on a silver platter.

For she’ll give you everything that she has. She’ll love you in ways you’ve never been loved before. She’ll accept you with all of your flaws and differences.

But know this. She won’t hesitate to walk away when she feels mistreated. She won’t waste any more tears on you if she realizes that you’re playing her. She won’t spend her life thinking of you if you hurt her.

No no, you’ll slowly become her past as she’ll gladly cut you off and move on with her life.

Stephanie Reeds