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When You’re Heartbroken, Don’t Give Up – Just Keep Moving Forward

broken heart

The thing that no one tells you about relationships is that they aren’t a smooth journey at all. In fact, they can be quite hard and painful sometimes.

Dating has never been easy for me. The more I think about my past relationships, the more I become aware of the things I accepted that I should not have.

I allowed my feelings and needs to be disregarded. I allowed to be blamed for things that were not my fault. And I stayed when I was treated like a second choice. Why?

I am still not sure about the reasons. But, what I know for sure is this: When you fall in love with someone that you believe you’re meant to be with in your late twenties, you think that you have it all figured out.

And do you know what happens next?

You find yourself 30 and rolling solo.

You see, dating is difficult. But what is more difficult is learning how to enjoy you own company. Learning how to cope with the fact that you’re thirty and single. Learning how to cope with the fear of being alone, the fear that you might stay single forever, the fear of never being good enough.

When you find yourself alone after years in a relationship, you feel lost. You feel empty. You cry. You yell. You feel like your life is falling apart and you can’t do anything to stop it.

And I know this the best because throughout the past year, I’ve been through all of this.

When my last relationship ended, I was heartbroken. I felt like every part of my heart and soul was shattered. And I couldn’t see how I could move forward with my life. Because this was the first person I thought I was destined to be with. This was the first person I believed I’d grow old with.

I tried to overcome the emotional pain I was going through in every way I could think of. I read self-help books. I meditated. I started spending more time with my friends. But, I never managed to overcome the intense and painful emotions.

This breakup has left a permanent scar on my heart and soul. And even today, there are parts in my heart that aren’t healed. Parts where the pain and despair still come through.

But, I must say that things are getting better now. Through all this, I’ve had the unswerving, wholehearted support of my family and friends. And I’ve discovered my tough, resilient inner warrior.

So, here I am today sharing my story with you. My truth. My healing journey.

And here’s what I’ve learned on my healing journey so far:

When you’re going through rough times in life, don’t give up – just keep moving forward.

Don’t settle for less than what you think you deserve.

Never doubt your mental strength and worth.

You are more than good enough.

You are strong.

You are smart.

You are important.

You have what it takes to overcome whatever temptation, problem, and pain life may throw your way.

Riley Cooper