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Don’t Stop Yourself From Doing What You Want To Do Because Someone Has A Problem With It

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You don’t have to explain your choices to anyone. Inquiring minds don’t need to know why you do what you do. Especially not those who are always judging you and questioning your decisions.

Don’t take advice from people who are always teaching you to play it safe and never leave your comfort zone. Stop missing out on opportunities out of fear of the unknown. Don’t be afraid that you will disappoint others if you follow your heart. Do what’s best for you and what makes you happy.

Others will never be able to understand your choices because they are not you. They have different life paths than you and therefore, no one can know what’s best for you. Only you know. Others don’t know what makes your heart sing with joy. They don’t know what makes you happy. They don’t know why you refuse to let go of certain people and why you walk away from others so easily.

People will always tell you to do something which they don’t do themselves. So, you need to make a decision and promise yourself that you won’t get influenced by other people’s opinions. That you will choose for yourself the life you want to live. That you won’t be scared of making mistakes and you will learn from them. That you will grow as a result of your courage. That you will put yourself first.

And even if your choices are wrong or your emotions took a toll on and you did something unlikely for you, please know that you don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. What you must do is forgive yourself for choosing poorly and moving on.

Your choices are only yours. You don’t need to defend them to people who are not living in your skin or dealing with your problems and wounds.

As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters.

Finally, you are always a choice away from changing your life and making your wishes come true. And I really hope that you know that it is YOUR CHOICE, not someone else’s.

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Mary Wright