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The Reason Why Empaths Feel Extremely Exhausted Around Fake, Inauthentic Individuals

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Empaths are known to us as highly sensitive and perceptive individuals who have the ability to sense and deeply feel the emotions of other people as if they were their own.

In other words, they have an extremely vulnerable nature and tend to respond to external factors much different than other people. They easily detect emotions, feelings, and energies of other human beings.

They are our healers. They are our guardians. They are the people who keep our world safe and sound. The ones who are always there to lend a helping hand to a person in need.

However, the rare gift of possessing an extremely sensitive and unique soul comes with its own consequences, or shall we say obstacles. They can’t choose the things they eventually face in life.

As much as they need to be around honest individuals and maintain deep relationships, they sometimes pick up on people that aren’t genuine.

So, when a pure and vulnerable soul meets an inauthentic, fake and malicious person, they feel it.

Despite the poor attempts to hide their ulterior motives, an empath can clearly see through people’s “cool” exterior. No one has the power to trick their minds.

Because they genuinely feel things.

However, sometimes the things they feel inside are so disturbing that an empath must immediately evacuate and get far away from the source that is causing such intense sensations.

That’s exactly what triggers the empath’s “fight-or-flight” defensive mechanism. Depending on the situation, they either stay totally silent while wandering away in their minds, or they try to maintain a contact, stumbling over their words.

And, believe me, the struggle is real.

Not all of you can understand their pain, but the ones who’ve truly felt what it’s like to be constantly exhausted, know that sweaty hands, fast-heartrate and anxiety are the main signals that an empath needs a good, old-fashioned TIMEOUT.

Whether it’s a high-maintenance friend, a pushover person who would die to be accepted by everyone, someone who hides their hate and anger behind a smiley face, a person who keeps contradicting themselves, these are all potential triggers that have the ability to leave an empath completely drained.

So, considering that empaths can pretty much ready our body language, as well as our energy, they’ll never tolerate lies and deception.

That is why, when faced with fake people, an empath is likely to:

-Avoid them if they start to feel some uninvited, bad vibes;

-Freeze without asking a single question;

-Get an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, or discomfort;

-Feel confused or guilty for not being able to spend time with the certain person

-Literally feel sick to their stomach and search for a respectful way to avoid their company

It’s a completely natural reaction that cannot be stopped. It is an intuition urge. It is their guts telling them that they should stay back.

So, if you are an empath or you somehow managed to recognize yourself in this article, here are a few things you should always keep in mind in order to maintain your well-being and avoid harmful experiences with fake people:


The inner voice inside ourselves will always tell us the truth. It is the first response we get when we face a certain situation. It is own defensive mechanism. And it’s always working in our favor.


When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, feel free to say no. Release yourself from the prison you’ve made for yourself and do as you please.

Empaths usually get caught up with the idea of keeping everything under control, because they feel that their duty on Earth is healing others. However, the downside here is a lack of time and energy to look after themselves.

Never sacrifice your life and well-being to please others. Learn to say no.


…because you’ll be wasting your time in vain. No one will ever be fully satisfied.

When they get their hands on something, people are used to beg for more. And more. Until the very source that fed them no longer exists.

Stop wasting your energy and learn to meet your own needs way before you take care of others.

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Stephanie Reeds


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