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The Dark & Painful Side Of Empaths That They Don’t Allow Anyone To See


Empaths are naturally known as the healers of our society and the whole world. They are those sensitive souls that make this world a better place because they are extremely aware of the energies around them. They can see and feel things that others can’t.

Even though those people who are not empaths themselves may perceive their ability as a rare gift, for the empaths their gift actually can be a curse sometimes.

Their exceptional traits have both a bright and a dark side and are not always fun to deal with. Their gift to feel everything intensely makes other people feel safe around them. As a result, empaths always know all the secrets of other people because others feel they can trust the empaths.

As beautiful as this is, empaths can start feeling overwhelmed and stressed because regardless of the fact that empaths’ whole life is based on emotions and they are able to handle them really well, it can be too much for them.

The empath’s dark side is that their minds are preoccupied with both positive and negative thoughts. They feel both good and the bad emotions and it is emotionally draining to their sensitive nature.

Empaths are magnets for energies. And they tend to attract more negative than positive ones. They feel all the pain in the world. They know when someone is struggling, they can feel it. Their senses are fully aware of all the evil and injustice that happens around them.

And all that makes them incredibly sad and confused. But you’ll never know it because the empaths are silently battling their battles.

They are also the givers. They want to make everyone happy and they care so much about other people which make them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. Oftentimes other people take them for granted which is really heartbreaking.

This dark side is a heavy load to carry. They keep all their emotions and the emotions of others in their heart which becomes very burdening. It can be said that they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders which results in them neglecting themselves and distancing from their true nature.

When they fall in love, they love with all their heart. But they fear to express it adequately because they know it would be too much for the other person. That’s why they keep that part of themselves hidden. They always have their guard up and rarely reveal their emotions.

In order to help themselves deal with all this intensity, empaths should try to let their walls down and let their feelings flow naturally. They shouldn’t be ashamed of their empathic side because they are the ones that make this world a place worthy of living.

They need to understand that not all emotions that are inside them are theirs, but learn how to distinguish between their emotions and the energies they pick up from other people.  

Mary Wright