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8 Ways The Girl Who Has Been Destroyed By A Narcissist Loves Differently


She truly believed that the person she was with really cared about her. Sadly, it turns out that her partner was a malicious narcissist. They broke her and made her feel worthless. Now, when she finds someone new to love, she won’t do it in the same way that she did before.

The way that this girl approaches love now is a lot more cautious than she ever would have before. She cannot behave the same way in relationships as she would have before because of her trauma. Here are 8 ways the girl who has been destroyed by a narcissist loves differently.

1. She Won’t Trust so Easily

In her previous relationship, her partner betrayed her trust time and time again. They lied to her, let her down, and manipulated her countless times. As you might expect, she’ll have some trouble trusting anyone because of her experiences.

2. She’ll Apologize Even When She Doesn’t Need To

Her narcissistic ex made her believe that everything was her fault. They manipulated her into believing that everything that happened was her fault. Now, she still thinks that she’s always in the wrong. Even if something small happens, she’ll immediately start telling you how sorry she is.

3. She’ll Keep Some Distance

Pain makes you far warier of becoming close to someone. Her narcissistic partner has hurt her in ways that you couldn’t imagine. Naturally, she’s petrified that her next partner will hurt her too. To avoid it, she’ll try and keep a good distance between you, no matter how much she may love you.

4. She’ll Need to Feel Protected

Her ex made her believe that they were the only person that could keep her safe. They lied to her that they were the only person that could protect her from the world. Now she still feels unsafe and will want someone by her side.

5. She’ll be Waiting For Something Terrible

Before now, she could have no happiness without sadness. There was always something wrong in her previous relationship. The better things are between you two, the more that she’ll expect something awful to happen.

6. She’ll Try to Push You Away

Don’t think that she doesn’t love you. The reality is that she loves you so much, but the person that she loved before hurt her deeply. As if instinctively, she’ll try to push you away, even if it’s not really what she wants.

7. When You Treat Her Well, She Won’t Understand

A girl like her is used to her partner treating her like trash. At this point, she expects it and is almost willing to accept it too. When you treat her with the decency and respect that she deserves, she might be a bit suspicious of it in the beginning.

8. With Time, She’ll Begin To Let You In

She’s broken, there’s no denying that. However, she can learn to become whole again. Being with someone new who cares deeply about her will show her what real love is. It will take time, but she’ll slowly let down her barriers and allow love to come in.

It may seem like she’s cold and distant in her new relationship, but nothing could be further from the truth. She’s simply too afraid to let herself love freely because of the way that her ex treated her. Her biggest fear is having the person that she loves most break her heart again.

If you’ve been broken by a narcissist, please know that it will be okay. You will learn to love openly again one day with someone who only has your best intentions at heart.

Eva Jackson