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The Brutal Truth Of Why Most Men Are Afraid Of Attractive Women


Men adore beautiful women. They do. They turn heads whenever an attractive lady passes by. Sometimes, they can’t focus when they are in a presence of a gorgeous woman.

However, the thing is – men like looking at and admiring beautiful women, but most of them don’t want to be in a relationship with them.

Why? Why do many men view beautiful women as something precious but unattainable?

They feel insecure.

Beautiful, attractive, and intelligent women can make some men feel insecure when it comes to their looks and intelligence. A man may think that he is not good enough for this kind of a woman. That’s more than enough for him to stop himself for pursuing a relationship with her.

They are afraid of being rejected.

Again, this comes down to their own insecurities. Some men don’t approach gorgeous and smart women because since they already think they are not good enough, they condition themselves to believe that they’ll definitely get rejected. The fear of rejection and humiliation is so strong in some men that they may stop approaching women they like because of it.

They don’t feel good in their own skin.

This is a common issue for both men and women. We are all bombarded with pictures of what is beautiful and attractive that we lose our own perception. That’s why some men may not feel comfortable with how they look and when they want to approach a beautiful woman they get stuck and are not being themselves.

They don’t want to deal with competition.

Some men can have a woman who is the whole “package” – beautiful, attractive, smart, sexy, kind, and ambitious – and they have a great chemistry with her, enjoy spending time with her, and they have a mutual understanding and trust. But, the problem is – they can’t bring themselves to take the next step and commit fully.

They remain guarded with her because they fear competition. They think she’ll always have plenty of admirers going after her and that at the end, she may choose to be with one of them, leaving you brokenhearted and alone. So, they’ll rather be alone not rather than get in a committed relationship and fall in love with her, only to experience the pain of being left alone.

Beautiful women intimidate them.

They are stunning and radiating with confidence from within. This can be intimidating for those men who lack self-confidence.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this subject? Why there are so many beautiful and smart women single?

Mary Wright