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8 Behaviors That Show He Truly Loves You – Even If He Doesn’t Say It


I love you – who doesn’t want to hear those three pure, powerful, magical, words? But, unfortunately, it seems that nowadays they’ve lost their true meaning. Anyone can say them, but the question is: Do they really mean them?

When it comes to men and the way they express their feelings, the saying Love is not what you say – love is what you do really makes sense. It’s not a secret that most men have a difficult time showing their love the romantic way. It may take you a while to read a guy’s mind and even if you manage to get a romantic answer from him, it might still leave you feeling confused.

However, if you’re with a guy who isn’t that vocal about his feelings, don’t take this as a sign that he’s losing his interest in you. He may be, in fact, displaying some behaviors that show his true, deep love for you and you’re failing to realize it.

So, remember that saying “I love you” is easy, but if you want to know if your guy really means it, then pay attention to the way he treats you, not just what he says to you.

Here are 8 behaviors that show he’s truly in love with you:

1. He’s willing to make sacrifices for you.

A man in love is willing to do anything to make his woman feel happy and protected. Only a man who is unselfish, mature, and committed, and who unconditionally loves you can sacrifice for you.

If you’re dating such a man, then you should know that the only thing which could hurt him the most is the thought of you being unhappy. So, if there’s something he can do to prevent this, he’ll do it. This is definitely one of his ways to show he truly loves you, without actually saying it.

2. He attentively listens to you.

If the man you’re with really cares about you, he isn’t just physically present when you talk to him. Instead, he pays attention to your words because your opinions matter to him.

He carefully listens to you when you talk about how your day went or about your problems, but not with the intent to respond, but with the intent to understand what you have to say.

3. He’s entirely loyal to you.

When a man is truly in love with a woman, he only has eyes for her. And if you’re lucky to be with this kind of man, know loyalty is a quality he values the most.

When you’re together in the club, his eyes will never wander around, exploring other “interesting” opportunities. Flirting, let alone cheating on you, are kinds of entertainment he’s simply not interested in and he’ll never be.

4. He always has your back.

You mean the world to him. To make you feel safe and protected and keep that lovely smile of yours glowing, he’ll go out of his way. He’ll never allow anyone to criticize, shout at, or talk bad things about you in his presence.

So, if your man protects you and your feelings from anyone and anything, you can be sure you occupy a special place in his heart.

5. He’s not ashamed to show he’s vulnerable.

Many consider vulnerability to be a weakness, but not this guy. He’s not afraid or ashamed to let his guard down and undress his soul in front of you. So, if your guy is comfortable showing his true feelings to you, you can consider yourself lucky.

6. He’s very proud of you.

The man who brags about his lady loves her. He feels honored to have her in his life and he shows that. He often talks about her to his friends and family and he’s not ashamed to tell them how smart, kind, and beautiful she is.

Moreover, he supports and encourages her to pursue her goals, no matter how high they are, and achieve more success.

So, if you can hear your man brags about you on many occasions, you can be sure he’s head over heels in love with you.


7. He respects your family and friends.

You’re the person he loves and respects the most, so how can he not respect your loved ones? It’s totally normal if he doesn’t like every single one of your friends or family members, such as that nosy cousin of yours, but he’ll never criticize or pick a fight with them because he knows how important they are to you.

So, if your man treats the people you hold dear with the utmost respect and kindness and likes spending time with them, you can be sure he’s into you.

8. He thinks you’re beautiful even on your “worst days.”

Whether you’re not wearing make-up or your T-shirt is stained or you’re just having a bad hair day, you’re always beautiful and irresistible to him. He loves you for who you really are. You don’t need to impress him and pretend to be someone you’re not because he knows your soul and he’s seen you on both your “best” and “worst” days.

So, when you hear the words, “You’re beautiful” come out of his mouth on days you feel like a mess, believe him – he really means it.

Riley Cooper