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6 Things You Do Because You’re The Toxic Person In Your Relationship


In everyone relationship, we’re on the lookout for narcissism. We never want to be the person who ends up in a horrible, toxic relationship. When we find a nice person who cares about us and treats us right, we think that we might be in the clear. The truth might not be so straightforward though.

Your relationship is going well, and your significant other is kind, compassionate, and never tries to hurt you. That doesn’t mean that the relationship is safe. You could still be in a toxic relationship, and it could all be down to you. These are 6 things you do because you’re the toxic person in your relationship.

1. You Know You’re Always Right

Arguments happen in all relationships. When a fight breaks out between you and your partner, they just can’t seem to see reason. You know that you’re right and that they’re wrong, but you can’t make them realize it. No matter what, you know that you can’t be wrong about anything.

2. Your Partner Finds Some of Your Jokes Offensive

Every now and again, a joke that you make about your partner will be taken the wrong way. So, you like to mess with them sometimes, what’s the big deal? It seems like you can’t even have a sense of humor because any joke that you make towards them upsets them. You feel like it’s just a joke and that they’re the one being dramatic about it.

3. Your Temper Gets the Best of You

Staying calm is not one of your strong points. You lose your temper easily and are always quick to turn to anger. It causes you to scream at your partner, insult them, or belittle them. You don’t think that it’s that big of a deal though since everyone gets mad sometimes.

4. Your Interests Come First

In any situation, you think of your own needs before you think of your significant other’s. You’re always worried about what’s best for you, giving little thought to how your actions might affect them. If you’re honest with yourself, you know that you’d leave your partner behind in the dirt if you knew that it would benefit you somehow.

5. You Punish Your Partner for Bad Behavior

Your partner often does things that really annoy you and or make you angry. When they do, you feel like you have to punish them for it so that they know not to do it again. You might give them the silent treatment, tell them how awful they are, or anything else that you see fit.

6. You Think That Your Significant Other is Overly-Sensitive

There’s nothing wrong with your behavior, that’s what you think at least. You know that you can be a little hot-headed or overly-passionate, but it’s not as bad as your partner makes it seem. You think that they’re just over-reacting. They’re too sensitive and take the things that you say and do too seriously.

If you do any of these 6 things then I have news for you, my friend, you’re probably a toxic person. These are all the traits of a narcissist who doesn’t care about the people around them enough. You need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and think about how you’ve been acting. Now is the time for you to change your ways before you inflict even more damage onto your partner.

Share this article with your friends and family. Most toxic people will never even realize how bad their behavior really is until you force them to see it.

Eva Jackson