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The Bittersweet Reality Of Living Life As A Girl Who Cares Too Much


She’s a person who isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. A sunshine in a human form.

She’s a pure soul who sees the good in people. The possibility of Utopia in this miserable, hypocritic society. She observes people in a different way and understands their struggles on a more profound level.

In other words, she’s a giver. A caretaker. A genuine protector of this world. At least that’s what she is truly trying to be.

She’s always there to lend a helping hand to the ones in need.

The type of person everyone can count on. Her pure soul and kind heart is something that shines from afar. People feel safe and secure around her. Because she knows exactly what to say or do at any given moment.

She is the type of person who forgives easily and forgets quickly.

She’s not the one to hold a grudge. Because whatever happens, she makes sure to always put herself in the other person’s shoes. She’s the kind of girl who tends to understand the bigger picture and the reason behind one’s actions, rather than desperately seeking revenge.

She is the girl who also forgives too much.

Yes, she has been down in the gutter, she had her heart broken and her soul destroyed, but it seems that even after everything she’s been through, she keeps putting her hand on fire. She keeps testing her limits, hoping that this time she won’t get hurt.

Some would say she’s a masochist, but the reality is that no matter how bad and painful her experiences are, she would never settle for something without a soul. That’s why she decided that she’ll let her heart and soul lead her way in life.

However, we live in a society that constantly revolves around manipulation and society.

People would rather take away everything from you than give you a piece of their heart.

So, her kindness is usually taken for granted. People often take more than she actually has. And naturally, she allows it, because she feels too bad to say no.

And so, on her quest to help everyone, she often forgets about herself and her needs.

She gets so caught with other people’s lives and problems, that she has no time for herself. And the thing is, nobody even bothers to ask her how she feels.

She’s always there to give her comforting advice and loving embrace to everyone.

But, tell me… who will wipe her tears when she cries?

Who will offer to save her and help her get on her knees when she becomes too weak to do it herself?

It is a truly unique and precious gift to have a giving and kind heart. But let me tell you something.

The worst part about being a girl with a huge heart and a pure soul is that there’s barely anyone who can even try to understand your issues.

People become accustomed to search for you whenever they need the help, but when the day comes, and you ask for the same help in return, they simply don’t know what to do with you.  

They become used to your confident and tough exterior, they forget that you also possess a heart made of flesh and blood. A palpitating bag of emotions and energy.

And so, you accept the harsh reality and you promise yourself that you’ll never again manifest your feelings. You convince yourself that it’s just not worth it. You decide that the best way to go through life is by simply bottling your feelings up.

The harsh and bitter consequences of living life as a girl who cares too much for others is the fact that people never treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Most of these people are greedy, energy-sucking leeches who only care about their side of the story.

But, you should never let them put you down like this. You deserve so much more than what they’re willing to give. You deserve the world.

And believe me, no matter how dark and hopeless things appear to be, there is a person out there who is made just for you. I promise he’s there. He’s waiting and he’s struggling just like you are.

So, please, no matter how ungrateful and grim this world is, don’t ever lose hope. Don’t turn into a person with a stone for a heart. Don’t lose your sense of self.

“In the end, having a heart, being caring is so much rewarding. Better to have a loving caring heart then being cold.” – Sylvia Charming


Image: Nicolás Athens (Lover of the Light)

Stephanie Reeds