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Take Note Of What Your Partner Says: Some Of Their ‘Romantic’ Phrases May Be Toxic

Take Note Of What Your Partner Says: Some Of Their ‘Romantic’ Phrases May Be Toxic

Love is expressed in many different ways. But one of the most common of them all, and perhaps the most favorite one in general, is the verbal way.

Let’s admit it. “I love you, I can’t live without you, I would do anything for you” are just some of the phrases that we enjoy listening to. No matter what we go through, the moment we hear this phrase, everything feels better. Somehow, it feels as though every little problem, every little issue on our mind suddenly vanishes, because we know we are loved. Or at least we think so?!

The truth is, as cute and romantic these phrases are, sometimes they can hide certain ulterior motives. And sometimes they can even come from people you never expected to hear from. Your partner.

Below are 5 ‘romantic phrases’ that aren’t as romantic as they sound:

1.“You are the only thing that makes me happy.” I know, this is truly one of the most romantic things that a person can say to you.  But you have to admit that there is also a strange vibe to it. It shows a great deal of codependency and it only proves that your partner could not be happy without you.  People who usually say this are people who search for their happiness in other people. They are not aware that true love has nothing to do with codependency, but everything to do with freedom.

2.“If you leave me, I’ll die.” This only shows that a person could never be able to survive on their own if their partner left them. And it doesn’t only put them in an unpleasant and difficult place, but it also makes them the victim. A statement like this could easily push people away from them. If your partner has a habit of saying this, have in mind that they might as well use that line to manipulate you into staying with them.

3.“Wouldn’t you rather stay with me?” Why would someone say this if not because of jealousy? This is a clear sign that shows when someone is jealous of their partner but doesn’t want to show it. Doing things together with your loved one is a truly wonderful experience, but they should not be the only person in your life that you spend your time with. You should be able to have space for yourself as well. You should be able to have friends and enjoy life as an individual.

4.“I love you more than I loved my ex.” One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is compare their current partner to their ex-partners. Doing that does not only triggers mixed emotions in a person, but it also develops distrust in the relationship. One cannot live in the present moment and reminisce about their past relationships at the same time.

5.“I am not good enough for you.” Pointing out and admitting that you are literally nothing without your partner beside you is a serious sign of self-doubt and codependency issues. It shows how insecure and afraid a person is to accept all of their flaws as a part of them. Besides that, it also a big pressure for their partner to constantly reassure them of their worth and put them high above everyone else. As much as this attention feels good, it is not a healthy way to live your life.

Stephanie Reeds