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When Someone Hurts You So Much That You Must Change To Save Yourself

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I am sure we can all think of that person who hurt us so much and the pain was so excruciating and unbearable that we are not the same person. The hurt changed us so much that we are not able to recognize ourselves.

Because, no matter how much pain you’ve experienced, at the end you will come out of it as the winner because you will gain immense strength. Plus, you will learn new lessons even though the path you’ve endured was one of the most painful ones for you. At the end, you will be grateful because…

You will learn how it feels to be betrayed by someone you love. You will learn that people are not always good as you think they are. Some people are plain toxic and exist only to inflict pain on others. You will learn the hard way how to recognize these people and stay away from them.

You will learn that love needs a lot of effort from both sides. You can’t make someone to love you and care about you the way you do for them. You will realize that it takes two people to make a relationship work and you’ll stop being the only one doing all the work.

You will learn to respect your boundaries. When you get hurt to the point when the pain is unbearable, you learn how to set firm boundaries and respect them to protect yourself from getting hurt again. And when it comes to your happiness and wellbeing you won’t compromise with anyone anymore.

 You will learn what you want from life and what kind of love you desire. The more pain you endure, the more you know your limits and what you can and cannot tolerate. That’s how you will be able to design the life you want to live and find the love you deserve.

You will learn to cut ties with anyone who is not good for you because you know that your sanity and happiness are more important than any shallow connection you have with someone. Finally, you will put yourself first and you will no longer tolerate any kind of disrespect.

And you will be thankful for the one who hurt you because if it wasn’t for them, you would have never become the strong person you are now.

Mary Wright