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Stunning Footage Shows Millions Of Monarch Butterflies In Mexico


Of all the creatures on Earth, butterflies have to be one of the most beautiful. Their colorful wings have made them the most beloved insects on the planet. Likewise, they’re one of the most loved creatures of all too.

One of the most gorgeous of all of them, however, is the orange, monarch butterfly.

Now, everyone can marvel at their beauty as stunning footage shows millions of monarch butterflies in Mexico.

Every year, these flying insects migrate to Southwest Mexico. To get there, they need to travel for more than 3,000 miles.

There are often so many of these colorful creatures that they surround the trees, looking like orange leaves from afar. Along with that, they even bend the branches underneath them from their weight.

The only time that you can see these butterfly colonies is between November and March every year. Unfortunately, however, it takes a difficult 3-hour hike to even get to them.

Thankfully, a video has surfaced of these small, majestic creatures in their colonies. Unsurprisingly, the footage is absolutely astounding in its beauty.

Watch the stunning video below.

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Eva Jackson